Sendspace – Share or Send your  big files, Free Large File Hosting


Sendspace – Share or Send your  big files With, Free Large File Hosting

Sendspace – Share or Send your big files – The idea of the storage of data and transfer has brought out about the creation of so many programs like, a large web transfer file portal.

What then detect the differences in the services is also different in characteristics, how efficient they are and secured each of them is. For a period of many years, so many people depended on FTP or Email as their fundamental tools in file sharing.

 All these were realized soon that they are not as secured as they thought. was first launched in the year 2005, it is a file-sharing application that has very good speed and was made for official and domestic purposes. Since establishment, it has been known to deliver over millions of files. So the sharing and transferring of large files are made easy every time.

There are so many times that we just do not know how to share and transfer extremely or send large files. It isn’t even like they can be cut into short or small. You want the exact sizes to be sent. Using an email could be a very possible choice, however, it has got some restrictions. It’s sure that there’s a boundary to the magnitude of folders you can send through email.

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Whether it is custom software, business budgets, media contents, drawings and so much more, the transferring of big files all over the internet can cause a lot of inconveniences. All the things that are being considered, save the stress for something much better.

This kind of file transfer and sharing app tender an immediate result which allows you to be able to share, receive, track, and send massive folders on the move. SendSpace can track every file so if it’s lost, it can simply recover a particular data. Sendspace upload enables you to drag and drop folders or be able to browse via files on any device in its upload bar and the email link to many or more receivers.

So this will put an end to sluggish upload feature related with the attachment of extremely large documents to emails. The recipient receives the sent link that was sent to and then views the documents on any available browser and then proceeds to download.

Sendspace | Features of SendSpace

There are so many features on options on SendSpace file transfer. It enables you to send extremely large files to your family, friends, workplace, or any part of the world. It is tested and trusted and it has been proven to be the best software ever for your workload, it can be reliable anytime once you have good data to deliver. It can accept folders up to 1.5GB or 2GB, all the can be saved and then downloaded when it is needed.

Also, one can create shared folders, collect and send file links to any selected receiver. Delivering big files with the speed of light from the repose of your home, office, and any part of the world at any time. Host an extraordinary deal of data on the SendSpace account amongst other advantages in the. By and huge, the following climax of the characteristics sent on SendSpace.

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  1. Transfer, receive and share large files
  2. Upload big contents
  3. Show files instantly, any part of the world at any time
  4. Browse to choose the folders you want to send
  5. Trash or unshare files
  6. Enable track download
  7. Friendly and mobile interface
  8. Wide area of contents such as mp3, mp4, and images files
  9. Transfer the related folders together
  10. Send and deliver to multiple or more than one recipients
  11. The freemium version
  12. Advertisement free versions and scalable plans
  13. Windows, Linux, Android, Mac devices are supported
  14. Android application
  15. Has users guide and FAQs
  16. Support Online.

Pricing of SendSpace

In other to enjoy the sendspace unlimited service, there are major licensed plans to be considered. Its is an option, so, on the other hand, can go for $8.99 monthly. This can allow a user to send a single folder which is up to 5GB and can increase a 100GB direct downloading link bandwidth.

On the other hand, is subscribed to it with a fee of $19.99 in a month. In a situation like this, a single file can be as huge as 10GB and the user is also liable to 300GB direct download link bandwidth.

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These are very few of the offers that are given to each subscriber. In order to know more about the sendspace premium features, Upgrade Now!!!

The wizard desktop tool for sendspace

You can download this on the official web portal of SendSpace, the malware, and advertisement free SendSpace wizard for your Mac OS 10.5+, Windows and Linux devices. Upload huge and multiple files or folders, get the interrupted uploads resumed, and use the sendspace drag and drop files menu, then get auto-updates and a lot more

Now you can access all sendspace characteristics via your sendspace account on the desktop tool. To get this desktop tools is free and very secure. So much more on another ground is that its user-friendly interact which there isn’t anyone that won’t be able to operate it.

The SendSpace application for android devices  

You can make your android device much better by installing the SendSpace app, you can keep sending and diverse folders on the Go. This mobile application will enable you to upload, transfer and download extremely large files immediately. It is available for download on the Android Google Play App. Therefore, the SendSpace characteristics can be accessed in another yet subtle way.

To use the SendSpace premium service , the user must subscribe to any of the above plans that were mentioned. Though this file transferring program gives a free trial period which will only last for thirty days, there isn’t enough to enjoy the characteristics and sensation with its own permit plans. Lastly, visit the SendSpace website to read the various guides on getting started with its favor.

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