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Shiloh 2019 Dates | Attend Shiloh 2019 – Theme of Shiloh2019


Shiloh 2019 Dates – Why You Should Not Miss Shiloh 2019 | Shiloh Themes and Responses

Shiloh 2019 Date: Is it true that you are among those sitting tight for the dates of Shiloh’s yearly assembling? All things considered, the Shiloh 2019 dates are out. I will share the dates mind you above all, let us take a gander at what Shiloh implies. The administration is done yearly. It is a yearly assembling of Christians (believers), looking for God’s essence in extraordinary acclaim of praise and love.

What is Shiloh 2019 Date for Winners Church?

Shiloh 2019 Dates | Attend Shiloh 2019 - The Theme of Shiloh2019
Shiloh 2019 Dates | Attend Shiloh 2019 – The Theme of Shiloh2019

2019 Shiloh is set to commence from the third of December to 8 December {3rd Dec – 8 Dec}. The area of this yearly gathering is at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota. Km. 10 Idiroko Rd, Ota, Nigeria. It likewise holds in various branches under this commission. Presently you know the Shiloh 2019 Dates, what’s straightaway?

What is Shiloh 2019 All About?

Shiloh is a yearly meeting that is controlled by Winner Chapel of Bishop David Oyedepo. This gathering is done once in a year with a customized theme and date. It is held in at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota. The program takes about seven days to finish in every one of the parts of the congregation.

The Vision of Shiloh came in the year 1998 by Bishop David Oyedepoe. It ended up official in December 1999. I will show the themes and reactions of the past Shiloh meeting from 2018 to 2013.

Shiloh Themes and Responses

You should look at this!


  • First guest: Shiloh 2018
  • Second guest: Dominion.
  • First Caller: Dominion.
  • Second guest: I take Dominion at Shiloh 2018.



  • First guest: Shiloh 2017.
  • Second guest: A New Dawn
  • First guest: A New Dawn.
  • Second guest: Shiloh 2017.


  • First guest: Shiloh 2016
  • Second Caller: My case is unique.
  • First guest: My case is extraordinary.

Second Caller: So its mine since I’m recovered of the Lord, what influences others isn’t allowed to influence me; Congratulations.


  • First guest: Shiloh 2015
  • Second guest: From Glory to Glory
  • First guest: From Glory to Glory
  • Reaction: That is the place I am going to.


  • First Caller: Shiloh 2014
  • Second guest: Heaven on Earth.
  • First guest: Heaven on Earth
  • Second Caller: Wonders without end; That’s my new domain and your new domain.


  • First guest: Shiloh 2013
  • Second guest: Exceeding Grace.
  • First guest: Exceeding Grace.
  • Second Caller: Strange works.

Why You Should Not Miss Shiloh 2019

For those Winners individuals who have not yet visited the national base camp for this meeting, kindly do as such. Go to this gathering and experience God working marvels throughout your life.

What is the Theme for Shiloh 2019?

Every Shiloh yearly gathering accompanies an awesome and amazing theme. The theme for a year ago was Dominion. 2019 theme is BREAKING LIMITS.



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