Show Hidden Files | How To Show Hidden Files In Window 10

Show Hidden Files | How To Show Hidden Files In Window 10

Show Hidden Files – Lot of people have been searching their laptop for hidden file, they keep on searching by inputting the name of the file on the window search box, but still they don’t still find the solution of what they are searching for in their laptop. Sometimes this is done by the window 10 which hide the files.

The window sometime find it as a security for the users in keeping their file safe but the particular file which you need helpful will be the one kept by the system.

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You will have go in search for so long even tutorial but still you didn’t  find it helpful, I will love to give full tips and guidelines you will need to follow to find out your hidden files.

Show Hidden Files | Steps To Follow When Searching For Hidden Files In Window 10

With this tips you will find it as a gift to get your hidden files in your window 10, please you will grateful. You can get this with single clicks on your laptop/system.

  1. Get access to your file explorer in window 10
  2. Tabs which is shown to you, tap on view” at the right hand –side, move into “options”
  3. Choose “change folder then search options”.
  4. New window will be opened. In this page tap on “view”, then search for the advanced settings
  5. Tap on show hidden files, folders and drives.
  6. Click on “Apply”, after then OK.
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Through this steps and guidelines stated above, I think your hidden file can now come up. Please if you find this helpful kindly share this post.

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