– Give 10k & Collect 20k in Return

REVIEW: – Give 10k & Collect 20k in Return – Give 10k & Collect 20k in Return  – is an online peer to peer donation platform that has full of participants of one mind. With you get best of oppurtunity to give and receive double in return within the shortest time ever, join them and go tell your friends about them.

How to Join smartcashplus

It easy and simple to join this platform, simply follow the link below:


Login - Give 10k & Collect 20k in Return

How Works

  • Activate your account

    Register on Smartcashplus and offer to make a donation of N10,000 to someone.

  • Give to a fellow SmartCashPlus Member

    After offering to donate, the system automatically pairs you with a fellow SmartCashPlus member to give to. Feel free to give to the member and please endeavour to fulfill your giving within 6 Hours as the system would automatically unpair you if giving is not fulfilled. Remember you can only give once at a time.

  • Receive Double of What You Donated

    For giving to a SmartCashPlus member, your account gets activated which makes you eligible to receive a double of what you gave. You will then be paired with two members to receive from each the amount you gave.

Package Plans Smartcashplus Offers

Give someone N10,000 and in return you get N20,000

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