–The Nigeria Freelance Website

327 –The Nigeria Freelance Website

How portal Works The Nigeria Freelance website smarthire, is a Nigerian “Freelance website” where you get your entire jobs done strictly online. You can get hired or you hire someone to do your job for you. At portal, you can either signup as “Project contractor” and as a “Freelancer”. –The Nigeria Freelance Website

As a Project contractor, what you have to do is that you get your job posted at and source for qualified Freelancer to submit a proposal regarding the Project that is been posted in other to be executed. Once a Freelancer submits a Proposal and gets review by Project contractor. If okay, its get accepted. You the Freelancer get this job done and as well you get paid.

How it works at Freelance website

At portal, you can choose to pay your Freelancer per Project(s) or you per the Freelancer per hour whichever one you feel it’s fit for your budget.
If you prefer to pay your freelancer per hour for the Project, then you get billed once in a week and a secure payment link is sent to you and you pay. But for the Project that is fixed, the Freelance (Project Contractor) raise payment called “milestone” to and when the Job is completed, the fund is release to your Freelancer. In either scenario, you are securely covered by the smarthire payment protection. In this way they ensure that you only pay for a satisfactory and approved and project.

List of Projects you can get done on

  • Website
  • App Development
  • Graphic Designs
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Article Writing & Data Entry
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Database Administration & Networking
  • Digital & Internet Marketing
  • Game Developers
  • Mobile Development

How you can get Website design done at

You can get an excellent and a professional website done through All you have to do is to post the Project(s) and wait for a professional Freelancer for a proposal and once you review and accept it, then you wait for a stipulated period of time for your website to be up and running.
Designing of mobile application is one of the easiest works at Smart hire Nigeria. You can hire a professional that can design any app of your choice. Such as: chatting app, mobile banking app etc at very low price. Also Read MTN LUMOS Power kits

Graphics designer at portal

Logo, Pictures, animations speak words for themselves. You can get the best out of any picture or animation if you get an advanced photo editor of a Professional Graphic designer. With little cash, you get freelancer that is a graphics designer that will do the Project for you at Smart hire Nigeria.

Game Developing Project

As a Freelance you can get a Freelancer that will develop your game for you at Smart hire Nigeria. Just post the project you want to be done and game developers will start to submit their proposals. Once you get them review and accept then you good.

How Freelancers get paid at

Freelancers get paid through the following means of payment:
• Credit Card
• PayPal
• MasterCard
• Verve
What you need is just choose the payment of your choice.


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