11 Common Smartphone Myths that have kept you in the Dark so far

11 Common Smartphone Myths that have kept you in the Dark so far

Smartphone Myths – Most of the people favorite gadget is a smartphone, smartphone has changed to a necessity in the world. With the smartphone, some myths have cropped up in some average smartphone user’s mind.

Below are 11 such myths so that you will be in the Light:

1. Smartphone Myths | More RAM Equals Better Performance

If you have a device that runs 4GB or 3GB of RAM, it can run Android 8.0 Oreo. The higher the RAM the more the device loads more apps at a given point of time.

RAM modules for mobile devices are expensive and can make this price of the device to increase.

2. Smartphone Myths | Higher Megapixel Means Better Image Quality

Choosing a phone with a higher mega pixel does not means it actually has a high mega pixel. When choosing a device depending on the camera, just like the way HTC proved to the world with its UltraPixel camera with a meager 4-megapixel resolution but offered near DSLR quality.

3.Smartphone Myths | Charging Your Device Overnight Damages the Batter

This is a myth in today’s world which is the modern world. A common smartphone do have several layers of protective circuits to prevent overcharging of batteries, this goes from the charger to the phone down to the battery itself.

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Lithium-ion batteries are safe to use and their lifespan does not get affected by recharging them overnight. But avoid overheating the device as Li-ion batteries oxidize under higher temperatures which can lead to a shorter battery life.

4. Smartphone Myths | Updates make your device faster

Updating your device makes it work faster. This will update all files and apps on your device.

5. Smartphone Myths | 4K Display is the Best

There are different display for smartphone which are 2K display, 4K display or Full-HD. Users do think the highest resolution is the best but in this case, the highest available resolution is not the best.

Just like Apple, they have resources to offer the possible highest resolution on their devices but they did not go as high as Full HD. This is so because the retina display that Apple offers is the highest resolution that human eye can perceive and any other thing above that does not look different to us.

6. Smartphone Myths | Power Banks Damage Your Battery

Most cellphone users use power banks to charge their device but most of them do think it affects their battery life. Some power bank offer fast charging while some offer highest rated storage capacity. ALSO READ: Dstv App | Download The Dstv Now App On Your Mobile

There are both branded and generic device in the power bank market. The branded ones rely mostly on high quality charging circuits that can protect the devices and charge them in the same way a regular wall charger charges a phone.

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But for unbranded devices, the flow of electricity can be deviating which could lead to overheating. This can also damage the battery, so if you want to purchase a power bank, I’ll advise you buy a power bank with double or more than rated capacity of the battery of your device being charged to avoid this issue.

7. Smartphone Myths | Killing Apps Improves Device Performance

Killing background apps is common with Android, the belief of many people is that by doing this it will increase the battery life and boost the performance of the device. Once the applications are cleared, Android kills all background processes. This is just a temporary thing and the system will restart all applications and the processes running along with it.

8. Smartphone
Myths | Using a Fast Charger Damages the Phone

Many believes that by using a fast charger it damages the battery, No, this is not true, using a fast charger, you can recharge your battery in nearly half the regular time or even less. They also heat the batteries up faster. ALSO READ: What is a Nomedia File Created | Nomedia file Created Automatically

9. Smartphone Myths | Free Wi-Fi is Safe to Use

Youths of nowadays prefer using free Wi-Fi than their data becomes it comes for free, but little do they know that there are number of risks involved in using free Wi-Fi.

This network are mostly available and are vulnerable to man-in-the middle attacks, hackers can use this method to extract personal information from unsuspecting users. When using a free Wi-Fi, use it with caution, when using it, avoid all financial transactions, sharing personal details and resort to apps that can encrypt information before it leaves the device.

10. Smartphone Myths | Plastic Body is Bad

Most users do consider that a plastic-based smartphone is bad. No, it is not bad, it works the same way as metal or glass-based and even works better in some cases. It is true that they come with their own pros and cons but they also have their own benefits.

Plastic devices does not face reception issues like metal ones, as metal bodies interfere with signal receptions. Plastic ones are also more lighter than metal and glass-based device.

11. Smartphone Myths | Incognito Mode Protects your Privacy

Due to privacy issues, more people have started using the incognito or private browsing mode to safe guide their information. But little did they know that when using incognito mode, only cookies, passwords and personal data is not shared on the web browser.

The way to keep your internet activity safe is to use Orbot, this encrypts the data that leaves your device and decrypts it on the server only.

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