sMiLeGoldCity – Community of one like mind & Goal Helping each other

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sMiLeGoldCity – Community of one like mind & Goal Helping each other

sMiLeGoldCity -Snilegoldcity  sMiLeGoldCity - Community of one like mind & Goal Helping each other

Community of one like mind & Goal Helping each other through the use of Whatsapp app. This is a new dimension of like mind members

who come together to make 100% of their donation within 24 to 48hrs. sMiLeGoldCity – Community idea is base of 2:1 peer depending on whether your donation is 100% or 50% or 25%.

sMiLeGoldCity – Community packages

The sMiLeGoldCity – Community packages are as follows:

  • 5000 to get 10000
  • 10,000 to get 20000 naira
  • 20000 to get 40000 only

How to Join sMiLeGoldCity – Whatsapp Community

You can join sMiLeGoldCity – Whatsapp Community Now by joining their Group now to secure your slot by showing interest to be placed on the PH list and as well as GH list. Becuase of Firs come first serve bases on before 20th of February, 2017.


sMiLeGoldcity Whatsapp Community welcome note

Welcome All!

Many of us always wonder why all whatsApp groups always crash infact people have tagged all whatsApp groups as “Scam” not even a ponzi scheme, yes they may be right somehow.

These are the few simple mistakes whatsApp group admin makes.

(1) WhatsApp accommodates only 256 participant in a group:
In this case to run a smooth and a safer whatsApp group admin should always be checking on contacts that are dormant (Not providing help) to remove such contact from the list to enable new participant to come in.

(2) Proper promotion:
Is admin and participant’s duty to keep inviting other people to join the group from time to time.

(3) Back-up link:
When an existing group becomes crowded a back-up links should be created on time to give room to new inflow.

(4) Admin should also participate (Provide Help)
Admin should provide help from time to time to rescue any lapses created by unserious participant.

(5) Is not all about the crowd:
Is not all about the crowd but the activeness of the people involved.

(6) ADMIN:

Finally the admin should always be active especially in responding to post that may cause panic in the group.
Admin should response to complains issued to him/her via personal chats this will reduce the rate of unnecessary messages in the group.
The admin should always be ready to remove people who post other programs.

Together we shall revive Internet marketing.

To solve a problem is to first of all identify it and in sMileGoldcity we have done that already, join us now and make 100% return within 48hours.

JOIN THE sMiLeGoldCity – Whatsapp Community NOW


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I Smile! You Smile!! We all Smile!!!

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