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Software Apps And Updates – Software apps need to be updated frequently in order to make a device work faster and perfect. It also contains vital security updates which helps to protect device from cyber criminals.

Software apps are apps designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, activities or tasks for benefit of the user.

Install the Latest Software and app updates

Cyber criminals use weakness in software apps if they are outdated to get into a device and steal identity, to avoid this, software apps update are the best option for users because it is designed to fix those weakness and installing them as soon as possible which will keep your device secure.

There will be pop-up often on your computer, smartphone or tablet to notify you that a software or app is ready to be updated, don’t ignore the message. The little time it will take you to download and install the updates could save you a significant amount of trouble reducing the risk of you falling victim to identity theft.

Below Are Some Helpful Steps To Help You Do The Software Apps Update

How to update your web browser

If you haven’t received any pop-up to update your browser by the browser itself, just find your way to the What Browser? (Opens new window) website to check the version you are using and if necessary download and install the latest one.

How to update Microsoft Windows

The best way to keep your PC current is to turn on automatic updates. Go to ‘Windows Update’ and confirm that your computer is ready to download and install updates automatically.

How to update Apple macOS

Your Apple computer will often prompt you when a software update is available. If this feature is turned off you can check for updates in the App Store.

To do this, click the App Store icon in the dock to open the App Store, once it has opened click on the ‘Updates’ icon at the top of the screen and it will check options to install any available updates.

How To Update Android On Your Tablet or Smartphone

To install latest software on your android and your tablet or smartphone, Go to the ‘settings’ app, scroll to the bottom and click ‘About’, choose ‘Software Updates’ from the menu and your device will check for the available updates.

Your Android tablet or smartphone will automatically ask for updates for the apps you use, download and install them directly from Google Play Store.

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Your Android tablet or smartphone should automatically check for updates to the apps you use, and download and install them directly from the Google Play Store. Sometimes you might get prompted to authorise an update, so keep an eye out and make sure you give the go-ahead.

How to update Software App On iPhone or iPad

If the apps on your iPhone or IPad needs to be updating, you’ll see a red dot in the corner of the icon of the ‘App Store’ app, along with a number. The number in the red dots signifies the number of apps that needs to be updated. When the red dot shows, go into ‘Updates’ in the App Store and click on ‘Update All’ to download the latest version of each app.

You can also let the apps automatically update by changing it in your settings as soon as new version is available.

To make the changes in your settings, go to your settings, go to ‘iTunes and App Store’ and click on the icon next to ‘Updates’ button. If you want the updates to download only when you have access to Wi-Fi then ignore the ‘Use Mobile Data’ option.

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