Speed Up Website | Speed Up WordPress Websites in 5 Simple Steps

Speed up Website | Just an interesting topic will this be? Speed is what we know that move faster than what you are not expecting. Not only as new users to another site but also as professional users in other sites. We cherish sites that move faster with no or any delay because everyone doesn’t love won’t give them stress. Now let me give you ways on how to speed up your website with WordPress, I will just give you, in brief, to make the article more interesting in reading, let start up the real business right now on how to speed up website!!!!!

Let just do some test, take a site speed test to see how fast your site is right now.
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WOW HERE IS AN IMPORTANT ONE? The hosting foundation is the heart of your site. This doesn’t directly affect speed issues, also many things that keep WordPress running smoothly. Am sure you don’t know about the new hosting out there which you are missing, want to inform you that WordPress requires a small list of options, a host must give and ensure WordPress works as it should. Click these requirements at

All hosts are not suited to run WordPress properly which can really cause a lot of speed concerns. While some hosts cater for WordPress users, and also provide addition built-in hosting tools to give more boost for your site. There is a company called Siteground for our hosting and we LOVE THEM. They have a cache system which is known as Super Cache which helps in giving speed to your website with no issue of setup. You can also know more about the Super Cache system at



The WordPress sites can get very heavy with the type of plugins you may be using or a high amount of content that you have in your site. The best way which is more advisable to Speed Up WordPress is to provide your content faster by first caching it. Meaning you are saving a snapshot of the data or code to be severed to the visitor of your site faster instead of reloading the site each time. You can process, this will be easily removed by using a caching plugin.

A lot is out there both free and premium. I will love to give you some plugin that is genuine and stand by.

Autotomize –
W3 Total Cache –
WP Super Cache –
WP Fastest Cache –

WP Rocket $39 –

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The question you asked here is frustrating? Bring in WordPress 3.6 the WordPress Heartbeat API helps WordPress to share between the web-browser and the server. It helps in improving user session management, revision tracking, and auto saving. The WordPress Heartbeat API makes use of /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php to run AJAX calls from the web-browser. These look great and have good sounds and it’s awesome, we know WordPress can keep details of what’s going on in the dashboard. However this can also start sending normal requests to admin-ajax.php which may lead to high CPU usage. Whenever a web-browser is left open on a page using the Heartbeat API, this could develop an issue.


you usually leave your WordPress admin up for long periods of time, most-time while writing or editing a post; the rewritten POST requests can cause high resource usage. To disregard this, the heartbeat can be rebuilt or even disabled to lower your server resource usage. A plugin has been created which will take care of managing this and is so easy to use. Click here to see full details at



Images: maybe big enough to drag the site speed. The Images are usually the largest files in size on any web page only if there are other types of media like videos or audio. Maybe you have come across the images on WordPress sites have been uploaded in a size that very large for web viewing and not necessary. Your first stage in image optimization is that you ensure that you do not add any images that are larger in size than what the webs acquire in displaying. Maybe you are not sure on how to upload a normal size of the image, here are some awesome tips on preparing your images before you upload them to your site, click this article link

Now you have your image size on your site, in creating a way to further and optimize the file size which will enable your site for fast browser loading. It can only be done using a plugin and oh how easy it. Mostly with all plugins, there are both free and premium options. Options are few below where we get a standby plugin.

Free Optimization Image Plugins To Speed Up Website:

EWWW Image Optimizer –
Smush Image Compression –
ShortPixel Image Optimizer –

TinyPNG –
Imagify Image Optimizer –


WORDPRESS SPEED UP STEP #5 – Educate Yourself

The WORDPRESS has a high personal speed, which is safe and better. Also with the brilliant minds we employee here, it has to stay permanently in tune with the new tactics that others find out on how to make WordPress move faster. It interesting in saying these words, but where can you find in getting such speed of minds and knowledge?

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