Spotify Account | Spotify Login – Spotify Web Player Login

Spotify Account | Spotify Login – Spotify Web Player Login

Spotify Account – Spotify is among the most popular streaming services in the world. It is also considered the second most popular audio streaming service next to Pandora. Spotify is a music streaming service developed by a Swedish company and it was named Spotify Technology. Spotify launched its service on 7 October 2008, and as of 14 November 2018, it is available in 78 regions.

Spotify is available in countries like Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. It is available for modem devices including Windows, macOS, IOS, Linux computers, Windows Phone, Android smartphones, and tablets as well as TVs via factory-installed means, Amazon Fire TV Devices, Roku Players, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Xbox One home consoles.

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Spotify gives users access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from artists around the world. Spotify is attractive because you can access content for free by just signing up using an email address or by connecting it with Facebook. The free version of Spotify can be accessed on laptops, PC, and mobile phones, but the full service of Spotify needs a Spotify Premium subscription

Spotify Account | How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify is very easy to use, and getting started with listening to music on Spotify is easy to achieve:

  • Visit Spotify’s official website by clicking on For you to be able to share songs with your friends or listen to what they are listening to on Spotify you’ll have to sign up with Facebook if you have an account.
  • Decide on a subscription level. I’ll advise you to go for S Spotify premium so that you will get access to more features, it is more flexible and it will connect with more devices.
  • Download and install the free Spotify application. There are different versions for desktop, iPhone/iPad, and Android phones.
  • Now, after downloading the Spotify application on your device, sign in to your account and start listening to any music of your choice.

Setting up Spotify on your device is very easy and straightforward. Spotify gets smarter and easier the more you listen.

Spotify Account – Can Music Be Downloaded On Spotify?

Music can be downloaded on two occasions. If you are on Spotify Premium, you can set your music to be available offline, but this is not the same as downloading music in the traditional sense. For example, you cannot try to deceive the system by downloading a music album and then canceling your subscription later. And also, you cannot download the tracks of music and try to burn them to a CD or copy them to other devices.

The usefulness of Spotify offline mode is to get access to your favorite music without any internet connection and listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. To know how amazing Spotify Premium is, on Spotify Premium, you can get access to 3,333 songs to listen to offline on up to three different devices.

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To download songs, albums, or playlists on Spotify is easy too. To do that, just click on the “save” button of the album you’ll like to download so as to listen to it offline. You can also click on the three dots next to a song and tap on “Save to Your Music”.

Spotify Account – How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

The streaming quality you choose depends on the amount of data that Spotify uses up.


is a guide on how much data Spotify uses up:

  • One hour of music played will use up to 50MB of data and that’s if the quality is set to normal
  • When it is at normal quality, you can play music for 24 hours for 1GB of data.
  • When it is of high quality, 1GB will be used up in less than 15 hours.
  • When it is at extreme quality, 1GB will be used up in 7 hours.
  • When using it with video playback, a lot more data will be used up.

When you want to check and change the quality of the streaming and download of songs you will need the use of mobile data.

Spotify Account – High-quality streaming and audio quality

There are three levels of streaming quality for Spotify. Streaming is done in the Ogg Vorbis format and it uses the following bitrates for each of the quality levels:

  • Normal streams at 96kbps
  • High-quality at 160kbps
  • Extreme quality streams at 320kbps

Please note that extreme is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers.

Spotify Account – How to find people and friends on Spotify

Connecting your Facebook account with Spotify on signing up to Spotify with Facebook, so later it will allow you to easily find and follow friends and check out what they are listening to. You can use the search option within the app to find friends on Facebook. There is a “find friends” button at the bottom of the activity feed which will allow you to find and follow more friends and artists of your choice.

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If you don’t wish to connect your Facebook account to Spotify as many users don’t like connecting their Facebook account anyhow due to hackers or so, you can also find friends and follow them On Spotify but it will be a bit difficult in some cases. As said by Spotify, the best a way to find and follow friends is to make use of the search box on the desktop client and use the format below:

Spotify Account – Spotify:user:USERNAME

Copy this and replace USERNAME with the name of your friend, but if this does not work out, ask your friend to copy their profile link directly from their profile page and send it to you.

You can also ask if they can share their public playlist with you, if the playlist is created by them, then their username will be within the URL as a number:

You can also use the number sent to you to find them or click on their name in the playlist to follow them. You can watch Spotify’s official tutorial for more details on finding friends on Spotify.

Spotify Account – Spotify playlists, radio, and discovering new music

Creating a playlist on Spotify is very easy, all you have to do is to right-click on the song and click on the “Add to Playlist button” or click on the three dots next to a song on the app. Choose your favorite songs and add them to the playlist section for your personal listening enjoyment. Once you get started with this, you will find out that you are following playlists made by friends or organized by artists.

When you go to the “Discover” section of the Spotify app, you will find songs recommended for you based on your recent listening choices. This includes artists related to those you have been listening to as well as your “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” playlists.

Discover Weekly is a playlist that is updated automatically by Spotify every Monday and also includes a number of different songs based on the recent songs you have been listening to.

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Release Radar is a playlist that is a selection of the new artist you follow. Please also note that if you follow a particular musician, you will get notifications and updates when they release new content.

To find out new music, tap on the three dots menu and select “Go to Playlist Radio” then you will be directed to an automatically generated “radio” station that will play a selection of music based on the contents of the original playlist.

This way can also be used with specific songs or artists by choosing to listen to ‘artist radio’ or ‘song radio’. These are the best ways to discover new music that is similar to your present taste but the ones that you might not have listened to unless otherwise.

Spotify Account – Spotify Bluetooth Connectivity

This is one of the benefits of Spotify. If you are using it on your phone, you can connect it to different Bluetooth devices and stream your content that way.

If it is a home audio receiver, head unit in your car, Bluetooth-connected speaker, or Bluetooth headphones, there are a lot of possibilities. When using Spotify Premium, you can also take advantage of Spotify Connect.

Spotify Account – What Is Spotify Connect

Spotify connects as the name implies, allows you to play music through different Wi-Fi connected devices including everything from Wi-Fi speakers to your television, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, PC, and much more.

This is good because it implies that you can listen to your music anywhere with different devices, it also gives you choice on how you can control the music playing on your Spotify account.

Let’s use this as an example, if you are streaming using speakers in your relaxing time using your phone then you can use that as a remote control to change tracks, adjust the volume or create a playlist while listening.

Spotify Account – Spotify connectivity with Amazon Echo and Google Home

if you own a smart home speaker like Google Home or Amazon, listening to music on Spotify is enjoyable. All you just have to do is set up Spotify as your primary music service inside the app, then you can use your voice to command the speakers to play whatever song you wish to listen to.

If you want to make use of multiple devices, you can take advantage of multi-room audio functionality to broadcast Spotify tunes around your home.

Spotify Account | How much does Spotify Cost?

Spotify comes in two ways

  • Free
  • Premium

Spotify Account – Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is presently €9.99/$9.99 per month, which includes access to features like ad-free streaming, extreme quality streaming, unlimited skips, and Spotify Connect.

If multiple people in your area use Spotify, you might prefer Premium for Family which gives at least 6 people access to their own Spotify account under one bill. All the users have to live at the same address so it is not a package to include friends, but that is the best way to split the cost.

At £14.99/$14.99, Premium for Family is not too much over a Standard Premium plan price. If you are a student, there is a discount plan with a price of €4.99/$4.99 per month.

What do you get with Spotify Free?

Users can use Spotify for free, but the thing is that its features are limited. On the free plan, songs can be played in shuffle mode and you can skip music up to 6 times per hour. Spotify Radio is not available, but you can access the Daily Mix Playlists.

When making use of the Spotify free plan, you can access all the playlists, share tunes with friends, discover new music, and listen to tunes that are picked by Spotify’s Radio feature. You can play any playlist, artist, or album but this can be done only if you are in Shuffle Play Mode.

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It Is free to use Spotify on mobile, tablet or desktop, so it is easy to access anywhere, anytime. You can also access the free version of Spotify by using the smartphone app, desktop software, or website.

Spotify Premium tier gives users access to everything you need to get access to but will not force adverts whether you are listening using mobile, tablet or desktop.

Premium users have the upper hand on Spotify, they can play various types of songs, discover new music, find and hear playlists, share music and playlists, create and edit playlists and listen to tunes picked by Spotify’s Radio feature.

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They can also skip any track, hear high-quality music, listen to music offline and use the Spotify app on their mobile device as a computer remote control.

Spotify Account – What Is Spotify Code?

Spotify Codes is a feature from Spotify that makes users share music with both family and friends with ease. It is also used to generate a unique code for a song, playlist, or album and get another person to scan the code and share it with their device so that they can enjoy it too.

Spotify Codes works on Android devices and iPhone devices, for you to use it, all you have to do is to click the three dots button next to the music you want to share then you will see a pop-up with the song, playlist, or album artwork and the code will be under it. Tap on the code to zoom in so that the other person can scan it.

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On the different devices, click search and then find the camera button (which is located at the top right corner), then scan the code and that it.

Everyone can use Spotify Codes, so you have to watch out for codes from your favorite artists, bands, and brands to get shared.

Apart from Spotify Codes, you can also share songs directly from Spotify across social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter, Skype, Tumblr or just to copy a usable link to wherever you want on the web.

Spotify Account | What is Spotify Time Capsule?

Spotify releases updates regularly to its service to help you improve your listening experience; this includes discovery voyages and tailored playlists to help you to expand your musical horizons and to help you find new artists you will definitely enjoy.

This playlist is personalized and it picks around 60 tracks that you would have listened to while growing up. it is a collection of throw-back music that will make you be filled with joy. Time Capsule is accurate but it needs a Spotify to work effectively and have a good working knowledge of your favorite music.

Spotify Account – What are Daily Mix Playlists?

The daily playlist is different, they work like a radio station that mixes your favorite tunes with similar songs Spotify believes you will enjoy.

Multiple Daily Mix playlists are available for various styles or genres of music you listen to. This individual mix keeps on playing for a long time as long as you wish to listen and can be improved by liking the songs you do enjoy or removing the music you did not enjoy.

This includes automated playlists like Summer Rewind which features all songs that you have been listening to over the last few months. Like Discover Weekly, Daily Mix playlists are the best way to discover new music that you will love.

Spotify Account – Private Listening Mode

The private listening mode keeps the music you are listening to private. When your Facebook account is connected to Spotify, friends, and family will see what you are listening to and you can also share your favorite songs with them, but if you did not want anybody to know the type of music you are listening to either a certain album or song on constant repeat, you can make this happen using the “Private Listening Mode” which you can activate from the settings in the app settings.


Spotify is not just a music streaming service. If you have a Spotify account, you also use it to listen to thousands of various podcasts that include everything from lifestyle, comedy, sports, news, and more. These podcasts are available in the app and desktop browser and it is easy to follow your favorite podcasts and access the latest episodes anywhere you are.

Spotify Account | How to delete your Spotify account

If you think Spotify is not good for you as they do say that another man’s meat is another man’s poison, you can definitely delete your Spotify account. Please also note that you can downgrade from Premium to a free account maybe because of a cost issue or so.

Kindly follow the below steps to delete your Spotify account:

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