– Register and earn 200% in few hours.

Super Naira: Register on and earn 200% in few hours.

Earn 200% from 5 minutes. Raise more Money, the latest donation platform that’s fair to all. Select an amount to help a fellow member with and two people will be instantly matched with you.

You will Get help double the amount you helped with within 5 minutes to 3 hour. is keen to keep a beggar free society. Here’s a list of Notorious Cyber-beggars.

How It Works : Login – Super Naira, Register

At SuperNaira, Members earn double the amount they give to another member.
Note: Cyber Beggar are not allowed.

  • Register as a user with phone number,email and bank details.
  • Select A Plan to Provide Help with.
    You can select more than one plan at once. Hence no need for multiple accounts
  • You will be matched instantly with someone. Call the person so the person activates you once payment is received.
  • Once confirmed, you will be matched with two people to pay you within 5 minutes to 3 hours
    If matched with a Cyber Beggar, Kindly purge the user immediately.

About SuperNaira

The company was founded by a team of humanitarian who wanted to overcome the routine and create a platform that would act create an avenue for members to help each other.

SuperNaira has always been about helping others.

Warning: No Cyber Beggars Allowed on SuperNaira

Choose A Plan To Give.

No return fees, no overnight surprise. Earn double of what you give today



  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Purge beggars
  • ₦10,000 Return Investment




  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Purge beggars
  • ₦20,000 Return Investment




  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Purge beggars
  • ₦40,000 Return Investment




  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Purge beggars
  • ₦100,000 Return Investment


Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are trying to do – Quickcash makes it easier to earn double amount in a short time.

  • Dealing with Cyber Beggars

    Simply Click on Purge to remove such a user and be re-matched.

  • I want to cancel a plan

    Click the cancel button to cancel the plan. Your account is still safe.

  • Alert Delay

    Kindly be patient with the member, some transfer could take up to an hour

  • Caught Begging

    Note:If you are caught begging more than 2 times. your account will be blocked forever.

  • Need More Help?

    Kindly Chat with Admin


    Guys you should all click share buttons liks fb,twiter etc to make this good paying site get to all Friends and Families.

0 thoughts on “ – Register and earn 200% in few hours.

  1. Pls admin why is the site not opening? And why am I not been matched up till now. Provided help 8pm yesterday.

    1. Oh! I can see from the site that it’s server error due to high frequent access by members. They are still alive and functioning but just server error which we know they are working on it right now. You were not match because of this error we assume. Calm down

  2. D site is not opening, super naira was jst waiting for me to make my payment before they will pack up

    1. @Classify stop saying what you don’t know. What you say can affect the trust and ad well make those that invested scarred. I will advice you never conclude until you have gotten to the root of thing.

  3. Admin, the site has been off and on. What could be the reason. Folks around me are already getting sceptical. Please try and sort it out. Looking forward to a better and stronger supernaira site.

    1. It’s normal for site to be off and on. Reason been that people gooshing from every corner and as a result, things like this happens. Supernaira just came and they are here to stay. They are not running to anywhere. Tell your folks to make good use of the opportunity while last.

      1. Admin i made payment since 7:43pm in 16th nd till nw i ve not been matched. Please what is happening? I tot it was to take jst 5 minutes to 3 hours. Also i wrote to admin on on the site about this and got no response.

  4. Hi Admin i was matched to get payment of 100k that’s is 50k each but unfortunately the person (Steven henry)did not pay me but rather uploaded fake tellers.I have purged him,reported him and also written to supernaira admin for over 24hours now yet not response and nothing is being done. Please help me so that i can be rematched for my payment. What do i do?

    1. My issue has been rectified and i have been rematched with 2 pple who av both paid me.Thank you Supernaira.Am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. @james Ojechineme …Depends on your package. You know supernaira is not a bank. The moneybcomes from members to members. So you package of choice depends on how quick it will. Guys share this so that more members will join….. Thumb up supernaira

  6. Hello admin

    My name is omowumi esho and my email is I try to login my account but I couldn’t login and I don’t really know why and I have a total amount of 75.000 naira in my account please what kind I do .

    Your great assistance towards my mail will be highly appreciated

    Kind regards


  7. thank u admin. for the gud work here and i hope it continue. but my advice is the upgrade that always stop people from accessing their acct is rili slowing down the system and if the up grade must come i suggest it should be done in the midnite.thanks and i pray everybody get their money cos some including me that ph 50k on thursday hv nt got their money

      1. Admin i wrote to support on 18th of nt been merged since i made payment on Thursday and till date notin ve been done i nw of ppl who ph on friday nd got paid same day. Pls wot is goin on?

        1. @James which of the package did you donate for? For you to be merge faster depends on the number of people in that package. Kindly write to support and wait cos people really moving to supernaira

  8. One elexin Opeyemi with phone no 0814510o09o was merged with me to pay 100k but he uploaded fake pop and didn’t make payment. I purged him but his upload is still there awaiting my confirmation. I hope I don’t get blocked oo I’m worried for my money besides my other packages have not been merged for payment

  9. Please admin, I made payment since on the 18th of this month on the 10k plan but haven’t been matched yet. Please help. Thank you

  10. admin, I mispelt my email address, now I forgot my password.can u send me recovery link through my phone number… My details my phone number 08056828749…. Please help cos I have paid and waiting to be matched for GH

    1. @Idree1976 what are you saying precisely? Have you registered? If yes, then use same email you used to register whether its correct or not, Use it like that to login. after login you can change your emaail to correct one.

  11. Please my name is Queen i have two cases of fake pop 100000 naira packege they upload fake pop.and they are saying i should confirm them that when they pay them they will now pay. What do u i do

    1. I wwil advice you guys should stop donnating high cos of these fake pop wait untill admin of supernaira do something to this. Warning to all…..

  12. Hi Admin, i have pending GH since 16TH on 50k platform worth 250k,i did infinito around 8am yesterday worth 400k,but still haven’t received any payments on friends i introduced to the platform that did after two hours has received there payment while my is still in queue.these is happending on my two accounts with desame PH amount
    please do look into it.thanks 2017-

  13. Admin good morning my colleagues are complaining of fake pop and nothing is bn done.please do something about this issue of fake pop one emmauel just uploaded fake pop for my younger sister and he outrightly said he did not pay.please admin don’t let this people spoil the good image of super naira.i was enjoyng super naira till i had issue of 2 fake pop .in 100k package.

    1. @Queen kindly write to SuperNaira suport. We just got paid today. So will believe they are paying………..

  14. Admin good after noon!!
    I did the #50,000 package since on the 16th and till now am yet to be merged.. Pls what is happening

  15. Hello admin please i want to know why i have not been match i did a package of 50k since on 16th 02 2017 and till now been 21st of febuary i have not been match , my email is my name is augustine please i need your reply

  16. Super naira rocks I did 20k package and paid after 20 hrs I did the 50k since 18th haven’t been matched and my three friends that pH the same 18 th haven’t been matched plzz am. A big fan

    1. We got matched today and we think any moment from now, you all will be getting match be patient

  17. Super naira u are super plzz try to GH faster because I introduced 5 friends and it is taking long what is the new exact time to GH now. Your biggest fan Hugo Joshua

  18. @Esther have they rematched you.please let know if i should forget de money and move on.though other platforms don’t behave like this .i have written to suport twice no response.though still have money there but am reallly disapointed.i can no longer convience anybody to join since fake pop is not is given attention to.

    1. good morning Queen, i have not been re merged neither have i gotten any favorable response from support. the pop is still there asking me to confirm. I also have a number on unmarked payment too that have remained that way since thursday 16 of february. I’m still awaiting actions to be taken.

  19. Admin pls help. I hvnt been merged since friday i did #50000 . what is going on nah supernaira.

  20. I run 10k and 20k on super so called? Since 20th of this month, what is going on please ???

  21. i admin pls help. i PH 20 k since the 18th of Feb. i have not been matched till now. can you resolve mine issue in super naira?

  22. Hello Admin i paid since last week Saturday 50k but avnt been match for payment. Kindly help me out username is abahsamantha

    1. @Victoria, As regarding your issue, We all at invested there and we are waiting patiently cos we were matched last week and one of them failed to pay us and today we were re-matched today few hours ago. Just calm down. What we noticed now is that most of these ponzi scheme have good ideology/intention but Nigerians killing all. Those Collect and Runaway Nigerians. This schemes are not banks, they using the system of peer-to-peer system and if people stopped recycling we all kill the platform. when you collect, you recycle and others collect they recycle like that like that

      1. @admin, I love ur replies but if u can get through them, help us tell dem, we need to know what is happening. Since on Friday, I have not been merged and I need my money badly. Thanks

  23. My name is chikodili Egwuatu I provided help 50k to someone on the 18th I hv bn waiting patiently to be paid buh hvnt heard frm anyone I hv sent numerous messages to support buh it hs bn showing pending pls admin I need to knw where I stand pplscan u xplain tins to me this is my second time now as soon I was paid I phed immediately so am not a runner.

  24. The delay in matching is quite two long it’s taking more than a week for 20000 while the site says 3 days, please the admin should do something about it else it will scare participants away.

  25. Hello admin, I PH of 50,000 since 17th and I am yet to be merged/ paid. I have written support severally, please I urgently need the money to pay my mum’s medical bills. Thank you.

  26. Isaac eseigbe
    I have paid someone since on Monday evening and I have not being merged , I sent message to admin but it’s still on pending , please what’s going on , I need to be merged

  27. I guess, den had scammed us, everybody stopped being merged since on Friday but if one click provide help, one will be merged immediately. Pls, admin, try talk to dem, we need our money urgently.

    1. @ Yemi, to be sincer with you, 5k package moving faster but those higher packages slow. Let still be patience to see what will happen

      1. Admin, I also did 5k one since on Monday, but I have not be merged till now. Help talk to them, plsssssss. I need the Money badly, thanks

  28. @supernaira, this is unfair that it over a week (since friday morning)that I paid a participant 50k but your system keep saying wait we matches 2people to you. How long will I wait?

  29. WOW!

      1. The worst is that the support team are not even reply their messages, do they actually have support team? for over one week now still pending.

  30. Pls Admin merge ooo, it has been one week plus i made payment of 10k, up till now no sponsor, i wish i listened to my friend i would have been in this state of begging you to merge, i need money please.

  31. Admin,I phed 20,000 since on the 17th and wasn’t matched to GH till last Thursday where the person uploaded a fake receipt in which I reported to admin and the person name(Damian olabisi)is now on beggars list but I have not being rematched for payment since Thursday with several messages sent to support.
    The other plan of 5000 too have not being matched.
    Why am I so unlucky with supernaira.
    Thanks for ur support

  32. i idid pay to someone since on the 17th of tis month and after a week i got merged with some ( Damian Olabisi ) and she refuse to pay and i reported r,uptil now i v not bin remerge,please help and i did another one for 20k same date i am stil waiting to b merge

    1. Why do they keep matching people with this Damian olabisi while the person is already on beggers list.super naira which plan is fast self …20k and 5k plan and av not bin matched since 17th .plss let’s knw where we stand with you ooo

  33. I thought this platform should be from 5mins to 3 hours but now reverse is the case a donation has been made since 20th February and till now no single merge has been made to the account on 50000 package pls what is going on.

  34. I was matched with dayo Alako to pay me 20k but she didnt pay ,so I reported since on the 20th and I ve not been rematched. I pH 10k since on the 21st till now I have not been matched .what’s going on

  35. Have paid since on the 22 of February uptill now I have not been match for someone to pay me what’s going on

  36. I made a donation of 50k on the 11th of February and up till this moment nobody has been matched to me. But they have merged at two different times to PH 5k to people. That’s very unfair. 6weels counting and my money is hanging. The site is not even opening since two days now.
    Supernaira are you real.

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