Swampool Login – Enjoy 100% Paying Ponzi Scheme. Must Not Miss!


Swampool Login – Enjoy 100% Paying Ponzi Scheme. Must Not Miss!

Swampool Login – Enjoy 100% Paying Ponzi Scheme. Must Not Miss! – Swam pool is an online donation exchange and social network community, We are a unique platform to connect givers and provide an opportunity to earn an incentive of 100% percentage of their donation from 24hrs to 14 days based on supply and demand state. The system is designed based on latest technology with peer to peer model.

REGISTER     Use Our Email ========= ([email protected]) as  your Sponsor


Swampool Login - Enjoy 100% Paying Ponzi Scheme. Must Not Miss!
Swampool Login – Enjoy 100% Paying Ponzi Scheme. Must Not Miss!


Our cutting edge 2×1 matrix-based programming Technology ensures you earn 100% profit on every amount you give.


Make payment to the participant you are asked to pay and get two participants matched to pay x2 of your initial investment.


Our community now has

3,270 Members Presently………But Counting…….

Swampool Package Plans

Select the appropriate package that suites your budget.


You Invest

₦ 5,000

You Earn

₦ 10,000


You Invest

₦ 10,000

You Earn

₦ 20,000


You Invest

₦ 20,000

You Earn

₦ 40,000


You Invest

₦ 50,000

You Earn

₦ 100,000

Use Our Email ========= [email protected] as  your Sponsor


  1. The site is not opening…I jst paid some1 50k waiting to be merged,my entire family wants to register but I cant register them cos the system is down! Ope all is well

  2. Pls I George odinaka pay 20k to nwobebu nnanwe but unable to upload teller.n tym is almost getting to limit

  3. I made payment of 10k yesterday evening and and I was with others two participant to pay me but they are complain that they have no access to their account may be it Crashed. Please Admin find solution to it in time

  4. Admin … Please am bothered I paid 50k to someone on 2nd of march n up til 3rd I wasn’t merged and DAT same 3 site wasn’t going anymore….. Plz tell us the time to expect d upgrade to b completed. And hope I will still get paid. Please drop us the new site incase u change d site to .com or anything. Tnx.

  5. Please I paid yesterday around 11:46am to Lucy Isibor but I wasn’t able upload my confirmation picture due to upgrade, now it’s saying my account has been suspended. Please I need help. 08038833529, David Mary.

  6. I made payment and the person I paid couldn’t confirm me neither was I able to upload payment due to system upgrade and now my account has been suspended. What should I do?

    • People that Join that time got double before Thursday before the site migration. No 1 will believe what you saying. ony if you are not confirmed on time else by now your money should have been in your account doubled.

      • Look tell this guys if they av made dia millions and want to run away they should tell us and stop raising hopes, what’s dat?

  7. Adewunmi Moses paid #20000 and Ajayi Opeyemi Esther paid #10000 and the receiver called that they av seen the money but we couldnt upload the teller bfr the site went down and their account as been suspend Now what will admin do to this? will they open back their account and let them upload the teller to those people and b confirmed or their money is gone just like that

  8. Hello admin been trying to login since 6am today but not been successful, it keeps giving me the mantanace page, does it have to do with network provider or what’s going on,i use Glo and Airtel

  9. Pls I av pH since Friday and MI friends pH since Thursday but dey avnt merge us. Am getting scared, Pls merge us as soon as possible.
    Don’t allow ur people to start getting scare to pH
    Do d right thing as u av promise.

  10. Admin pls I made payment on the 3rd of feb, and am yet to be merged and the site is going on and of. Getting worried already

  11. My account has been suspended. The receiver could not confirm payment and I was uploading wen d site went off because of upgrade

    I sent 2 msgs to support and up till now no reply please what do I do?


  12. Please have paid since on the 3rd of march around 7am and d person confirmed me immediately when am i going to be paid. I need your reply please.

  13. I made payment yesterday night but yet to be confirmed and from this afternoon i couldn’t login into my account displaying that my account details is not correct after several login, please help me o

  14. I made payment of 50,000 on thursday 2/3/2017 and it was confirmed but up till now i have not be merge. Please help.

  15. Admin, pls i provided help on the 3rd of March and since then i ve nt been merged .Pls is their still hope or i should move to the next level as somone has rightly said. Thank you


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