Top 3 Relevant Buyer’s Guide For Marketing Automation

Get the Top 3 ways in which a relevant buyer’s guide channelizes your marketing automation purchase decisions

It is now established that marketing automation is a marketing strategy that is quite effective as well as essential for multiple reasons such as the conversion of leads, improved customer experience, shortening the sales cycle, and improving the quality of leads. But just like no one size fits all, no one marketing automation solution works for each and every company.

Different organizations face different issues and they require different solutions. Just because some top marketing automation platforms are trending right now, does not mean they are the right marketing automation solutions for your firm.

According to a report from the Global Automation Software, the USA has been the largest sales region of Marketing Automation Software in the past few years and took up to 53.95% of the global marketing automation market two years back. But other reports have also shown that many companies find it difficult to integrate these solutions into their existing systems and drive growth.

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This is why Marketing Automation Buyer’s guides are published to help such organizations choose the right automation software and find the correct path to make it work more effectively.

We present to you the Top 3 ways in which a relevant buyers’ guide channelizes your marketing automation purchase decisions.

  • Why do you need a marketing automation solution? – A relevant marketing automation buyers’ guide will help you identify the reason behind your organization needing a marketing automation solution. Different automation of marketing solutions has different USPs and a buyers’ guide will help you identify the one that aligns with your needs. Your organization might be using email as the most-used channel of communication, so you will be needing an email marketing automation solution that has strong offerings and creative templates to help you execute effective email marketing campaigns. Similarly, digital marketing automation, CRM marketing automation, B2B marketing automation, all have different strong features and a buyers’ guide will highlight those for you.


  • How will you implement it? – Though it is essential to onboard a marketing automation solution, it is imperative to first recognize the readiness of the organization as well as a strategy for implementing the solution. You do not want to disrupt the daily processes and make the implementation as seamless as possible. Does your company have the necessary arrangements to put a marketing automation platform in place? What is the best possible way of integrating this solution into your other processes? A multi-faceted Marketing Automation Buyers’ Guide such as the one provided by Martechcube offers you different approaches regarding a frictionless integration of these solutions into your organization.

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  • How effective will it be? – Investing in marketing automation software is definitely the best decision, but will the one solution that is chosen by you prove to be effective? And if yes, to what extent will it continue to be effective? What will you need to do to measure the effectiveness? A Marketing Automation Buyers’ Guide will throw light upon different KPIs and their standards that you can utilize to measure these factors. It is not easy to buy a marketing automation solution, implement it, and just change it just because it’s not working. So, it is vital that the measurement is established before making any purchase decisions.

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There are several marketing automation platforms including all-in-one marketing platforms that are available in the market, but to ensure utmost productivity it is equally vital to make the right choice while navigating through solutions. A marketing automation buyers guide will come to the rescue. But not just any buyer’s guide, the one that covers all aspects, several solutions, and multiple segments and strategies is the one that you should utilize before making important marketing automation purchase decisions.

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