Track Stolen Phone | How to Track Stolen Phone – Find Location, Lock & Erase

Track Stolen Phone | How to Track Stolen Phone – Find Location, Lock & Erase

Track Stolen Phone – This article is about Step by step instructions to Track Stolen Phone, you can Lock it, erase the entire installed apps or gadgets and as well discover the Location of the thief!

Anyone can fall casualty of losing or Phone being stolen. Regardless, our major worries by then is usually how to get the phone back, perhaps phone can be misplaced on a taxi seat or a metro and the person in possession of it might get when you call your number.

Yet, in the other scenario where its stolen then we should first worry about our stored data; contacts, financial details, messages and documents and other media files. Read more!

This page will guide you through on the most proficient method to Track Stolen Phone | How to Track Stolen Phone – Find Location, Lock & Erase it, as well as to get the area where the person in the possession is.

Be that as it may, note that non of these steps will work for you if your phone isn’t a browsing phone. The main remedy is to call the number and luckily for you gets then you further arrange collection point.

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So let’s dive into the principle matter…

The Most Effective Method to Track Stolen Phone

There are different ways possible for you to locate your lost phone this includes;

• To Track stolen phone with IMEI

• To track stolen phone from your territory (in your nation)

• To track stolen phone with Gmail (Google Account)

• To track stolen phone by Number

How to Track Stolen Phone with IMEI

You may initially ask “What is imei?” – IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number places or attached to every phones (whether interment enable phones or not). Or on the other hand you can also regard the unique number as your phone’s government managed savings number.

The IMEI number is unique to your device, therefore, every phone has it to used identifying its make, model, and serial number. No phone has coordinate IMEI number – it has never happened.

Many free phone finder applications are available for you on Google Play, for example, AntiTheft App and IMEI Tracker All Phone Location. It depends the one you understand and that has a real-time following result. Read more; How To Set Up Goggle Fi On Iphone X, Xs, Xs Max Also Xr

Or then again better still Contact law enforcement, they might be able to trace your phone by its IMEI number.

Track, Lock and Erase Device Data Using Google

You most likely be among those searching for “how to follow their phones with Gmail”, this is it. You don’t use Gmail. Gmail is just piece of Google’s accounts you may have gotten.

The Google instrument for following phone is called; ” Google Find My Device” – you ought to have created a Google account (either by means of Gmail, Youtude, Google drive, etc – all structures remains the same).

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Remember that when you where in possession of the phone you had configured your Google play acct, Gmail, Youtude etc. That is your Phone was setup utilizing Google Account (generally for Android).


the phone is missing or stolen, then free and easiest way utilizing Google track apparatus is;

1. Use another device (could be phone or PC) to sign on to – Or alternatively click HERE

2. Login your Google account from the Login structure. Make sure the Google acct you are signing in with was the same account used on the phone as at when you were in possession of it.

3. If your Google Map or area guide is enabled; you will see Google displace where (area, state, and area) your devices currently are. See image below;

However, in a scenario where your area isn’t enabled on the phone then you may be left with other features (alternatives) to square and to erase phone information; see image sample belowTrack Stolen Phone | How to Track Stolen Phone - Find Location, Lock & Erase

So you can see; it demonstrates the name of your phone, model, battery percentage, and telling you that your phone area isn’t on.

4. Presently you have the next move to be decided by you. It is Either you need to;

– Secure your device by permanently bolting it and sign out your google account on the device or

– That you need to erase all contacts from the device

You can follow the steps that come after to complete your activity.

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Yet, note that you can in any case be able to keep track of your phone area even when you lock your phone. Then again, when you erase your contacts and data then you won’t be able to keep track the phone anymore.

Alternative online places to track and bolt your phones likewise includes;

• or click link here

• link – for those utilizing Samsung phones.

• For Apple device users – link here

Please note that if your stolen phone is switched off, sorry you can’t follow it except that you’ve to hang tight for the person who stole it to switch it on again and after that you could follow it down to find the phone. Read more: Activate Esim Line Bon For Iphone Xs, Xs Max Also Xr

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