Trade Ethereum | Buy Ethereum On Remitano

Trade Ethereum | Buy Ethereum On Remitano  –  We recently wrote about Ethereum which is the Ethereum Coin | Invest in Ethereum Next Big Coin and also reason why you should invest in Ethereum. However, it is our duty to enlighten our readers about Crypto-currencies and how they can invest and make big money from it.

Trade Ethereum | Buy Ethereum On Remitano
Trade Ethereum | Buy Ethereum On Remitano


Our recent article on Ethereum was about few months ago when we wrote on ‘’ How to Buy Ethereum Cryptocurrency Worldwide’’ before written on ‘how Remitano Introduced Ethereum | To Prevent Scam Trading Activities’ and the article was wow!

Today, the article is basically on how to buy ethereum | Trade Ethereum On Remitano with other important info that may be useful to our readers.

Buying or trading ethereum is amazing and simple. Reason why we are writing about remitano to trade ethereum coin is because of its simplicity and instantaneous funding of trading.

You trade in ethereum and get funded in instant without delay. You can now trade ETH as you did with BTC on remitano platform. In order to trade Ethereum, you can access this page or visit ETHEREUM link, insert your email on the right corner of top bar (beside Country selection) or you can select from menu item in your Remitano mobile app.

Remitano platform allows all customers to trade ethereum and bitcoin in their locality or country and get funded instantly in their currency.


What are Ethereum and Ether (ETH)?

“Ethereum as everyone one defines it; is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality (enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.) (…) It is listed under the code ETH and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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It is also used to pay for transaction fees and computational services on the Ethereum network.”


What is the difference between ETH and BTC?

On Remitano, both are crypto-currencies that can be traded at the same way. Thus there is no difference from that perspective. On a technical level, ETH and BTC have a few different points. Ethereum managed to fix disadvantages from Bitcoin such as high transaction fee and slow block confirmation.

Bitcoin’s average block time is about 10 minutes, while Ethereum’s aims to be 12 seconds. Please refer to this explanation in details:


Why You Must Trade Ethereum?

While bitcoin still occupies a great part in the cryptocurrency world, Ether has been gaining more ground lately and has actually come in number 2 in terms of market capitalization. Ranking can be viewed here:

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How do I buy and sell ETH on Remitano?

You can buy and sell ETH just like BTC. Please refer to our trading guides under our FAQ pages or


How to buy Bitcoin or Trade Ethereum

To buy Bitcoins please follow these steps:

  • First signup on remitano by visiting Signup here.
  • Verify account by visiting your email
  • Find One seller from ‘List of sellers’ and click on Buy
  • Fill in your Bitcoin Address and the Amount you want to buy and click on ”Buy BTC/ETH” to open the trade.
  • Pay the seller as instructed.
  • Click on the ”I have paid seller” and wait for the seller to confirm you will lose money if you don’t do this.



cancel the trade if you already paid. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completed

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To sell Bitcoin you follow these steps:

  • Find one buyer from the ‘List of buyers’ and click Sell
  • Fill the Amount of bitcoin you want to sell and click on either Sell BTC/ETH to the trade.
  • Fill out your payment details.
  • Transfer the Bitcoin to the address provided in the transaction (This is the intermediate Bitcoin address, used to ensure the safety of transactions.)
  • Wait for the buyer to transfer money and click on [I have received payment] to release bitcoin for buyer.


Do Not Confirm Payment Until You Are Absolutely Sure That You Received Money. Because The Trade Cannot Be Reverted After Completed.

How To Set up an ETH wallet

While Ethereum offers the option to code an ETH wallet by yourself, there are some ETH wallet applications you can use.

This release contains a security fix. Updating Mist is highly recommended. If you want to keep using an older Mist version, you mustn’t visit untrusted websites.

  1. Ethereum Wallet ÐApp details can be found:

This wallet allows you to send and receive ethereum, deploy and manage contracts, and interact with them. It also works as both a simple wallet (a normal account of ETH) and a multi-signature wallet, in which you can add other owner accounts.

  1. Jaxx: –

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Jaxx is an ETH and BTC wallet developed by Kryptokit and is in beta stage. At the moment, versions for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets, PC, Mac, and Linux desktop, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions have been released.


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