How To Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones

Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones – How To Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones

Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones – You try to move your music from your Iphone to your new android phones, which you have been disturb and try all your possible means, just follow the procedure stated below.

You got a new android device and you are using your Iphone, but you want to transfer your music which you cherish on your Iphone to your new android device. This article will help you out.

This can be done either copying the music with a cable or uploading songs to your goggle play music that will make this available to move to any device which will not make use of much storage.

Maybe you want to make use of the first steps, this step is easy, this might be similar to the way android device is used with USB. This process will be done by using your phone USB cord/cable.

Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones | How To Transfer Itunes Music To Android With Cable

Insert your android phone into your laptop/PC. When the cable options come up, choose the MTP mode for transferring files. All different might look different but this is always compulsory when you insert you cable into your phone. Option like use USB to transfer, if this is not coming up immediately scroll down your notification bar and set it up.

What you need to do next is to open file explorer window, make use of your window key + E on your keyboard and find music folder in your phone.  Something like this will be like: PC- Justin’G2-Internal Storage-Music.

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Maybe your phone has any Memory Card and your decision is to move your music into your Memory Card, this will be available on a different drive below “This PC”. Make sure you leave this open so you can transfer your music.

Try to open other file explorer window then search your ITunes music library. Permanently it is found as: This PC-Music-ITunes-ITunes Media-Music. Now this is done, you can drag your music from the ITunes folder to the music folder on your android device. You can move this to any folder you wish as long as you have free storage.

Transfer Your Music From Itunes To Android Phones | Steps To Upload Itunes Music To Goggle Play Music

The above stated is the fastest way for people, users might love to make their tune present in many devices without making use of their internal storage.

The best deal is to upload your music to Goggle Play Music, which is stored in your cloud. In this process will be done by the help of internet connection to move music , also you can hold download content and make sure it is stored locally for you to listen offline.

The Goggle Play Music can help you upload about 50,000 songs with any payment; this is simple to upload all collection with the music manager.

Go to your goggle Playstore access this on your internet browser then tap on music, choose “my music”. This will be done when you log in with your Goggle Account.

Immediately you get to the music page, access the menu at the left with thin rectangular lines by “LISTEN NOW” then click upload music at the bottom.

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You will be give option to download the music manager if you have get in touch with this1 before, just access it and sign in with your goggle account.


making use of goggle chrome as your browser just makes sure you Download Goggle Music Manager for Chrome.

Now you have been access to the music manager choose upload songs to Goggle Play then tap next. Choose the library or the folder you need to upload, in this process we are making use of ITunes. This music manager will detect automatically your display song which is available.

This can be done by choosing all the music or selecting the songs with playlist along with the option to include podcast. Tap on next, you will be question maybe you want to automatically upload your songs which you wish to put to your music library for reference use; you can keep ITunes and Goggle play music synchronized.

Select what you wish, accept the offer on the screen then your music will be uploaded. Maybe you laptop or system went off; it will start from where it stops automatically.

Please if you can’t find any option stated above, try to move to ITunes music folder in the way which is been break down above then choose the folder which you need to upload

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