How to Disable and Remove Truecaller Messaging Service

How to Disable and Remove Truecaller Messaging Service

How to remove and disable Truecaller Messaging Service – Truecaller is a app that lets you identify unknown numbers or discover new contacts. It also helps in identifying callers and spammers. This app known as Truecaller also bundles some controversial features like Call Recording, Last Screen and most especially its SMS service.

Among all the features mentioned above, the SMS service is quite bothersome, though it is useful in blocking spam messages. Truecaller’s service sets itself as the default messaging service and the annoying par is that, the next time you receive a message or an OTP, there will be a barrage of the same messages in your inbox.

The main purpose of this article is to show you how to disable and remove Truecaller Messaging Service, so let’s read on.

How to Remove Truecaller Messaging Service

To remove Truecaller Messaging Service

  • Go to Settings>App Manager>Default apps and click on the SMS app.
  • Select your old SMS app from the list as your default messaging service.

Having done that, Truecaller will be stopped from being your default SMS service, but you may still encounter receiving duplicate messages. Truecaller also claims not to store your messaging on servers.

To disable it, go to App Settings and search for Truecaller. When this has been done, click on permissions and toggle the switch for SMS.

You can as well disable the permission for Microphone on the permission page if you did not use voice search. You can also disable the storage permission if you did not use the recording feature.

Tips and Tricks of Truecaller

Truecaller have tips and tricks which makes it more amazing to use. Below are some of the tips and tricks of Truecaller.

  • Scan a Photo or Business Card

Truecaller is not just a app that identifies numbers, it also have many useful features which OCR feature is one of them. The OCR feature is for recognizing phone numbers.

When using this feature, you can scan for a number and search it directly on the Truecaller database.

To enable this, all you have to do is to click on the Search bar and tap the camera icon. Point the camera at the card or signboard and the Truecaller app will recognize it at the speed of light. This is fast to do.

Click on the number on your screen and the contact name will be shown as it is on their database. Open the contact and click on the three dot menu and choose save. When you select save, it saves time and paper. To close the camera, click on the little Cross icon at the top. If you did not use this feature often, you can choose to disable the camera permission as directed in Step 3.

  • Enable Speed Dial

Another feature of Truecaller is Speed Dial. This has more advantage Truecaller is set as your default caller app. This amazing aspect here is to assign contacts to different numbers, and once you click on call, it will be place immediately.

You can set this under Settings>General, scroll down to Speed Dial and type in the numbers as per the priority.

You can also change the default blue theme. To do this, go to Settings>Appearance>Theme.

  • Pin Contacts to the Most-Called Banner

Since the size of the Most-Called banner which is the banner on top has increased, it is interesting to pin your favorite callers to it, to do this, long click on a contact and choose the option to Pin. That’s all. Please note that the list does not arrange itself alphabetically, the contact which you pinned first will appear at the beginning.

  • Manage Spam List

There are different ways to block a specific group of numbers on Truecaller. You can ban a specific series of numbers of block an entire country code.

To enable this, go to Settings>Block Settings> My Block list. Click on the Plus icon located at the bottom-right corner and select the right option.

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