TSTV Digital Satellite TV | Nigeria TV Service To Create Jobs Careers

TSTV Digital Satellite Tv –  is a digital satellite TV Service that just launched service in Abuja Nigeria. It is a Nigeria’s indigenous digital satellite which will create over 5, 000 jobs for unemployed graduates in Nigeria.

TSTV Digital Satellite TV | Nigeria TV Service To Create Jobs Careers
TSTV Digital Satellite TV | Nigeria TV Service To Create Jobs Careers


The TSTV service is in a viral social media campaign today which has raised high expectations, apart from the 5,000 jobs promises. The satellite TV network is also promised to be offering an amazing first in kind service to Nigerians; such as pay-per-view service.

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TSTV management had disclosed this in a chat with newsmen who paid a courtesy visit to its office. According to him, “Our license has been issued by NBC and we are set for October 1st and 5000 free decoders will be giving out today, 1st October, 2017.”


According to the TSTV CEO, Echefu said, ‘’Africa Health Television AHT gave birth to TSTV and we’ve successfully ran African Health Television for more than 5 years without hitches’’. We have no doubts whatsoever that TSTV would offer an excellent and affordable digital satellite television services to Nigerians.”


The Head of Corporate Communications, Magu Ugo, also said,  TSTV is a Nigerian story told to Nigerians by Nigerians. “Therefore, we are 24 hours available for Nigerians. We can be reached via our website portal and social media handles. Our phone numbers are displayed on these online portals,” he added.

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However, TSTV is an indigenous TStv digital satellite TV service, which is airing over 96 channels. The innovation to have a homegrown digital satellite service came from a serious solution finding exploits of African Health Television.


Hence her official launch has been fixed for 1st October, 2017 to share in the significance of a new nation with aspirations for genuine change and development.

Reasons For TSTV Digital Satellite Tv In Nigeria

The reason for TSTV in the country is as a result of the harsh economic realities in Nigeria that prompted the initiators to share in finding solutions to ameliorate the high rate of unemployment.

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And the sad news is that, it was recently that the National Bureau of Statistics released a disheartening report of the rising rate of unemployment. In fact, unemployment had risen to 14.2% at the time of the report.

In this light, Tstv has come onboard to reduce that number by employing over 5000 Nigerian Youths.

When Is TSTV – Digital Satellite Tv Launches?

TSTV said its 1st October launch shall commence with a Green carpet before the official broadcast begins at 5:30pm at Sheraton hotel with so many packages to fly with, amongst which is the 5000 free decoders to be given on the day.


Prior to the launching, TSTV digital center and facility tour takes place alongside the building commissioning on Saturday, 30th September, 2017.

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Over the years, many pay TV companies have come and gone; some died because of poor strategic planning, negligence and lack of patronage. The commercialisation of television stations has created competition in terms of content delivery and signal clarity.

Digital Satellite Tv Features

The following are the TStv special features that other Tv channels did not offers.

  • TSTV boasts of special features such as 20GB complimentary
  • PVR function
  • Pause function
  • Video call, WiFi and
  • 24 hours customer services online.


TSTV’s – Digital satellite Tv Slogan

It is indeed the time to back the campaign of “buy Naija to grow Naira” with action is here as TSTV is purely Nigerian, by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

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