E-Wallet Scam Alert – Must See Photos! E-Wallet Scam Alert – BEWARE! E-Wallet Scam Alert  – Twinkas been the Paying Ponzi Scheme in Town, introduced Introduced E-wallet Bonus   as an compensation. Twinkas E-wallet was introduced to clear-off donation of those her members that have package plan of 5k.

You get this E-wallet bonus when you Donate in the on-going new Veteran Package plans. As a result of the e-wallet bonuses, Some Nigerian guys using this Opportunity to Scam their Twinkas fellow members. They will announce that they have 80, 000 twinkas Unit and with attractive offer. Because of the cheap offers, some Nigerians had felt into these Scam Twinkas E-Wallet Scam Alert - Must See Photos E-Wallet Scam Alert – Must  See Photos! E-Wallet Scam  Boys

It is serious now as the below pasted guys has been Scamming their Fellow Twinkas Members. It’s really serious and Shameful act to see young Boys turning every Platform to Scam people.

Beware of these Boys below to avoid and to stop been E-Wallet Scam Alert

See another Scam alert – Beware: E-Wallet Scam Alert


Candid Advice From E-Wallet Scam

It is advisable: Instead Of You To Buy E Wallet Units From Someone Who Might Be A Scammer, Why Don’t You Apply To The Following Packages?

To Grow Your E-wallet For The 100k Package, Such As Follows:

Apply For Classic (5000) To Get 30,000 Units

Apply For Professional (10,000) To Get 25,000 Units

Apply For Premium (20,000) To Get 20,000 Units And

Apply For Ultimate (50,000) To Get 15,000 Units.

The Benefit Of This Is That You Get Both E-wallet Credits And Also You Have An Active Account To Be Paid In Near Future.

Last Note: If you do not know how Twinkas E-wallet Bonus works, Must Read This Article HERE.

Please let all of use share the Scam Alert across the Social Media.


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