Twinkas Introduced Twinkas Single Account

Twinkas Introduced Twinkas Single Account

Twinkas Introduced Twinkas Single Account – Twinkas Ponzi scheme just introduced twinkas single account linkage. The twinkas single account linkage enable all participants that have more than one account to link every account to a single account called the “Main Account” of twinkas.Twinkas Introduced Twinkas Single Account

Twinkas Single Account Linkage

The Twinkas Nigeria has re-branded their Portal which gives all Participants certain percentage from 40% and above return on every investment. More so, in every investment, twinkas requires Participants to have a Single account that is distinguished by their Bank Institution Account number.
For those Participants that have existing multiple accounts, Multiple must linked those accounts into One (1) called the “Main Account”. The single account will carry both the Money Naira Value of all related account and the Tks unit that will be hence converted into its Money value manually when the need arises. Participants with single account should also participate in this re-branded exercise. Also, read article; Gdrive, Google Drive, Drive Google Sign in

More about Single Account Linkage

Participants should note that; packages on any account that have received once or more in the investment which means the participants received their capital of investment and such account has successfully been deleted.
The aim purpose of this action is to concentrate on account with “No Return of Investment at all”. Therefore, you are highly advised to scan through all your accounts to this effect. All Transaction Pins have been displayed to aid the Single account successful linkage. You are also advised to Transfer all transferable Twinkas Unit to the so called “Main Account”.  Also, read Article – How to withdraw bitcoin sell

There is a Module called “Naira Account” on your private dashboard. The packages on each of your accounts (Both Switch Accounts) will be converted into its Equivalent Naira value. i.e. Ultimate package = N50,000 NGN. This Naira Account equivalence will be paid bit by bit on the re-branded portal until it is nullified (Turned to N0.00 NGN). Since the Private portal is no longer supported, all activities from now on will be carried on the Re-sellers panel and the Re-branded portal. Blocked accounts will not be able to participate. Also, read Article; Bitclub Network, easy way to mine bitcoin in a profitable way.

Warning to All Participants

Warning: Do not convert your account into unit. If this is done, the money value of that account will be reduced by 90%. Accounts that do not participate in this Exercise will be tagged Dormant and will be deleted when the Re-branded Portal is being launched.

How to Link all account to single account

To link all your twinkas accounts to main account, follow the Step by Step Instructions Below:-

  • Make sure all your accounts are active. Use the switch account menu to make all account active.
  • Log into the Re-sellers Panel with the account you want to use as your “Main Account” of you twinkas accounts.
  • Click on the menu link “Twinkas Single Account” in the re-seller menu. Also, read article; Remitano – Withdraw Bitcoin into Bank account Instantly 
  • Read and accept the condition & terms by clicking on the “Send Profile to Re-branded Portal”.
  • At this Stage, all accounts connected to your bank Institution account and mobile number will appear on a table. At this stage, users with Single account stops here, while users with Multiple account should proceed to next step;
  • Then enter the account pin of all the account displayed on the table for each of your accounts and then link them. All is done, You are now linked all your multiple accounts to single account.

/> If all your accounts do not appear on this table, please log into each of them and make sure the account is active. Click on “Switch Account” to achieve this.

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