Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package – Must Read!

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Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package – Must Read!

Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package –  We wrote few weeks back that Twinkas ponzi scheme willsoon launch 350 package plan as announced on their official page. If you are yrt to read that article, read here. As a result of this new Package plan, Twinkas Payment will now be in progress because of the Exotic package that was enable and is paying like wild-fire. Whereas Twinkas is planning to implement strategies to make other packages like 10k, 20k, and 50k to move faster like it.Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package - Must Read! – Twinkas Introduced E-wallet Bonus

We also wrote on how Twinkas ponzi scheme Nigeria Introduced E-wallet Bonus. Read more about the e- wallet bonus here. And It’s no longer news that Twinkas which is one of the top paying scheme is back and has been paying her members again. Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package - Must Read!Though the payment may be long for a while but members still get back their 100% Donation/Investment. From the information gathered, you must have over 500, 000 Twinkas e-wallet unit before you can participate in the new Twinkas Launched N350,000 Exotic Package. For those that didn’t aware of what Twinkas, let give you a recaps below:

Twinkas is a company that was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a platform that would act in the market and not only for business success but for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services.


An E-Wallet is a virtual storage space method which stores information about E-Money etc. E-Wallet guarantees E-commerce dealings easiness and safety. And E-money, also known as E-currency is the cash that leaves in online financial transactions, but not in the physical form (not in the banks). In TwinKAS Software, E-wallet holds an extensive role.


Like all other platforms, TwinKAS Software’s also features with E-money & E-wallet. When a financial transaction is performed using the E-money, all process will be completed within a matter of time. Along with the versatile features, our TwinKAS Software also ensures secured E-Money transactions. For TwinKAS, an E-wallet system is essential to manage and operate all Cash-in, Cash-out financial information of the user.

How To Transfer Twinkas E-Wallet From One Account To Another

Below steps shows how to Transfer Twinkas E-wallet From One Account To Another:

  • First Login to your twinkas dashboard
  • Then click on wallet
  • Also click on unit transfer/withdrawal
  • Click on inter member unit transfer
  • And enter the email you wish to transfer to
  • Note, Must enter the Amount of Unit
  • After which you should Enter Your Activation code and
  • Finally, click on Transfer, Done


The minimum e-wallet transfer have been reduced from 20, 000 to 10, 000. SO YOU CAN NOW TRANSFER MINIMUM OF 10K UNITS

Also note that You Cannot withdraw once new registration is made through E-wallet

You can only request for withdrawal when the available unit balance is N20,000 and N40,000. Immediately a request is been placed for withdrawal, one-quarter of the total unit amount goes to the bearer. When a request is been placed for withdrawal, three-quarter of the total unit amount goes to charity (i.e. homeless, destitute, orphanages, etc). Residual unit amount is left each time a request is made for a withdrawal. This simply means that each time a withdrawal is made, the account is returned to zero (0). YOU MUST BEWARE OF THOSE TWINKAS E-WALLET SCAMMERS BECAUSE SCAM CASES HAVE BEEN REPORTED HERE


For Reseller panel:

Minimum transfer is N20,000

One can only receive once transfer is made after 7 days

And you cannot withdraw once new registration is made through E-wallet

Can request for a new registration at N300,000

The minimum amount as a benchmark is N50,000

For Receiver panel:

The Minimum transfer is N20,000.

You Cannot withdraw once registration is made through E-wallet.

Can request for a new registration at N300,000

The minimum amount as a benchmark is N50,000

You can visit Twinkas official site here to read in detail.

You should share this exotic spreading and paying twinkas 350, 000 launched new package plan to friends and families.

Do not be the only person to participate here. Remember, this can only work with more people else its Crash.

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