How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents

How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents

How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents – Uber is certifiably not a new name in the society. As technology advances, even the transportation sector is affected. Along these lines, If you’re searching for an approach to make money driving, beginning a career as a Uber driver could be the choice you’ve been searching for. In this article, we have outlined How To Apply For Uber Driver Andrequired Documens. This guide here is very simple, clear and easy to understand. So you don’t have anything to fear.

How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents
How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents

To apply for Uber Driver, you should realize that it works in two different ways. You can either have your own vehicle and apply with it. It this case, there will be certain requirements the vehicle will meet up with. Read them below. Or then again, you might not have your own vehicle. Uber can provide that for you subject to your agreeing some Terms and Conditions.

How To Apply For Uber Driver And Required Documents

Uber driver Requirements

To apply for Uber Driver (Partner), you should meet up with certain requirements  and having some crucial documents. Let’s see them below. Please note this is the base requirements. Each state has some different extra requirements you should meet up with.

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Minimum driver-partner requirements

Most people can drive with Uber, even if you don’t have a car or commercial permit. Requirements vary by city, but there are a few minimum requirements:

Minimum vehicle Requirements to be An Uber Driver

All vehicles need to be in excellent working and physical condition. All vehicles must have:

  • A working radio
  • Air conditioning
  • Four doors
  • Must be of 2000 model (year of production) and upwards.

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Required vehicle documentation

Before hitting the road, you will need to upload the documentation below.

  • Valid vehicle inspection report

Screening session

All driver partners are required to complete a screening session at their nearest screening test centre.  Bookings are not needed.


  • Screening fee
  • Driver’s license
  • Uber partner account
  • Invitation code

How To Apply For An Uber Driver (Details)

Having seen the needed requirements and documents, on the off chance that you meet with them, here is the manner by which you would now be able to apply to become a partner/driver with Uber.

  1. Log onto the application portal:
  2. Fill in your names, email address, password and invite code (this is optional)
  3. Afterwards, click on “Sign Up To Drive”.
  4. Then, Login and upload the required documents. Please ensure they are clear enough.

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UBER Background Checkup

After you have submitted your application, Uber will complete an authentic verification to ensure you are what you guarantee to be. This involves some issues.

  1. You will be interviewed to access your general driving knowledge and skills.
  2. Also, you will undergo an Uber safety training. It costs  about #20,000 but it can be paid in installments.
  3. A criminal background check will also be conducted. This takes within 2-4 weeks.

How Does Uber Work?

After you’ve been approved to begin driving as an Uber partner, here’s how your experience will typically go:

  • You’ll open the Uber driver app when you’re ready to start accepting rides. Your username is typically your e-mail address.
    • Uber provides a phone with the Uber driver app set up on the device.
    • If you would rather use your own smartphone, Uber will provide you with the setup details.
  • When a rider requests an Uber, the driver closest to them automatically receives the trip request—so if that’s you, the notification will pop up on your app.
  • You’ll accept the trip, and use the navigation to drive to the client’s pick-up location.
  • The app will charge the rider, so you won’t need to collect any fees during your drive.
  • When the ride is over, you and your rider will have the opportunity to rate one another.
  • Uber will pay you through direct deposit.

NB: Uber drivers are paid based upon the number of rides they provide to customers. So as to keep up your Uber partner account, you’ll need to accept 1 trek or more every 30 days or less. On the off chance that you don’t, you may have to reapply.

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Uber Mobile App

At long last, you have to download the Uber mobile application and you are ready. Visit your device play store and download it. See the Uber application download guide for iOS, Android and Windows.

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