Unemployed Nigerians Registration portal by Federal Government

Unemployed Nigerians Registration portal by Federal Government

Unemployment Nigerians Registration portal by Federal Government  – This article is to create awareness for all unployed Nigerians that Deputy Director, Information and Public Relations of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Edmund Onwuliri, announced this in a statement, in Abuja on early this month (April).

Deputy Director, Mr Onwuliri said that the registration was aimed at collecting up to date data of the unemployed Nigerians.

He also said the registration was in compliance with NDE’s mandate “to obtain and maintain a data bank on unemployment and vacancies in the country at large.” Also read article; fcsc-recruitment-201718-apply

Unemployed Nigerians Registration portal by Federal Government


The deputy director also said the exercise would enable the directorate to serve as a clearing house linking job seekers with existing vacancies in government agencies and the private sector.

“The Unemployed Nigerians Registration portal by Federal Government online which goes live on Wednesday April 5, 2017, was designed to capture the relevant details of any unemployed Nigerians. Online Portal will serve as job exchange arena that will link job seekers and employers.

How to Register on Unemployed Nigerians Registration portal

Deputy Director, Mr Onwuliri gave the portal’s address here. You can visit the site and fill the application form on the portal.

“There will be a practical demonstration of the workings of the portal at the NDE stand at the ongoing 28th edition of the Enugu International Trade on Thursday”, he said.

“The directorate sees this initiative as a bold step toward deepening the effectiveness of its employment creation strategies and a critical input into the process of designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and schemes.”

Onwuliri explained that the online portal would henceforth serve as a meeting point for job seekers and their prospective employers, adding that the initiative would go a long way to eliminate the cumbersome process of recruitment by employers of skilled labour in private and public sectors.


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