MUST READ – Unilag Portal | Unilag DLI Student Portal – Unilag Portal – Unilag Portal of the University of Lagos, (Unilag) is the most wanting University that eventually every students in Lagos wish to attend at all cost.

The – Unilag Portal is one of the top best universities in Lagos State Nigeria. Portal – University of Lagos happen to be one University that the students at large has a One mouth to cooperate among themselves. - Unilag Portal | Unilag DLI Student Portal

The Students of Unilag, both returning and freshers find the Unilag portal challenging to access.

On that notes; we will be brief how to access both Unilag Portal and Unilag DLI Student Portal. We will be adding other features of Unilag Portal like; unilag admission portal, unilag postgraduate portal, unilag results portal and more! – Unilag Portal | Unilag Student Portal

Unilag Portal or Unilag student portal is the most visited Portal for Students in the School.

The Unilag portal is often access by most Students in the School. The Student portal can only be access by the Students who have fully paid their School fees. The Unilag portal can’t be access by the prospective students, only the unilag adm:ission portal can be access by the Prospective students.

To access Unilag Portal or Unilag student portal, follow steps:

  • Visit the Unilag Official page here i.e the unilag portal
  • Click on the student link on the portal or go here
  • Type your Matric number e.g =13020*****  and password  ***(your surname is your password as a first timer and must be Capital letters)
  • If the Matric number and the password is typed correctly, then you are there!

Congrats you just accessed the Unilag student portal yourself.

How to Access Unilag results portal 

The University of Lagos, Unilag portal has other service page called result which the students can use to access their Semester result anytime any day.

The students can quickly check their result by following the link here!

  • Before the link, you can Visit the school portal here 
  • Then click on Student link
  • Follow the drop down to locate result or visit
  • If above not clickable, go here
  • Type your Mat. and password (your surname is your password as a first timer and must be Capital letters)

You in! You just checked your result in a simple way.


How to Access Unilag DLI Student Portal

The Distance Learning Institute of Unilag has her own portal which enable the management to manage all resources such as the DLI Online Application and also the DLI Student Portal.

This is a portal that can only be accessible by DLI students. To perform all DLI activities, you need to access the page and to do this, folllow the explanations below;


  • Visit the Unilag DLI portal here
  • Click on 2016/2017 Application if you just want to purchase the DLI form
  • Then click on Fresh application, for freshers or continue Application to finish up
  • When admitted, to access the portal, you have to click on ”INFORMATION” on the page and a dropdown will show the click on prospective
  • For the DLI students;
  • Visit the Unilag DLI portal here
  • Click on Portal login or click
  • Supply your Mat. number and password

How to Print Result on Unilag Results Portal

You can print or access your unilag result online after it has been approved by the school management and senate.

It is so easy to do the unilag results printing on the unilag results portal, just follow these steps:


Note: These steps only applicable to unilag students.

  • You don’t have to visit the school portal
  • just click this link here
  • Type your Matric numbers and password
  • Gbam! you can print out the result now.

How to access the Unilag Postgraduate portal

The Unilag postgraduates students are not left out as the school also have the school of postgraduate portal assigned.

If you are a postgraduate student, you also have the right to access your portal. just follow,

  • You don’t have to visit the school portal
  • click this link here
  • Type your Matric numbers and password
  • Correct!  You are there.

Note: The School of postgraduate admission form for 2017/2018 academic session is ongoing for sale. To apply for it read details here and follow the instructions on the page.

The Unilag Admission Portal |

Before we go, we have to talk about the unilag admission portal. The unilag admission portal is mainly for undergraduates students.

The Post Screening students that sat for JAmb and are waiting for unilag admission exercise. On this portal, the new prospective candidates can apply for unilag Screening Form, check their Unilag screening result, check for unilag screening exercise requirements etc.

The highlight of the things you can perform on the Unilag admission portal are:

To access the Unilag admission portal, just click this link

That’s all. Helpful I guessed? If yes kindly, share.

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