United States Scholarship To Africa 2018/2019

Register/Apply For United States Scholarship To Africa 2018/2019

United States Scholarship To Africa – They help in setting up assisatnce to both undergarduates and postgraduates student in the nearby country( africa) to gain more widom and skills in universities, instituiton and colleges which are learning in the United States.

It is the capablility of the union of africa americans in united states together with a suitable contribution for the development of the human resources of the motherland.

Eligible Country For United States Scholarship To Africa

It is available only for african students who are not above 35 years of age. To meet up with the qualification, make sure you meet the requirement s, make sure all entries are made not after the exact dealine date stated.

Qualified candidate will be choosen from the completed entries which will be received  and will be verified before 31st december all qualified candidate will be given infomation before febuary end in the following year.

The hard truthful part of doing something for more pursiut is a relevant conditions. It is not all applications of this program are examine. To make a successful application make sure you submit oyur correct details and data with a sound academic background, also where your details of identification can be fetch from.

Requirement Entry For United States Scholarship To Africa

  1. make sure you complete the form online by clicking this link In this particular link you will have to fill in a lot of details about you.


  1. First name
  2. Last name
  • Phone number
  1. Email
  2. House address
  3. City
  • State
  • Country
  1. Birth date
  2. Birth month
  3. Birth year
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  1. the entry fee for nigeria US$100 is ₦ 36000, for Ghana is C 444, for South Africa is R1207).

Make sure you have up to five credits in your O/level exams, including English language, Mathematics and three other compulsory subjects (undergraduates program).

  1. Your first degree/ higher national diploma (HND) (postgraduate program)
  2. Your recent passport photo.

Your Entry Qualification For United States Scholarship To Africa

If you are registering for undergraduates field ( this is for first degree), you have to fill in your O/level subject- garde.

Note: maybe you are applying for undergraduate program put in N/A in this postgraduate fields. Maybe you are applying for postgraduates enter your O/level subjects and grade in the undergraduates fields.

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You have to fill postgraduates fields ( for master degree ), institution graduated, the course read, grade you obtained.

You will be asked to upload a scanned copies or snapshots of your documents in their site.make sure what you are uploading is clear and neat before uploading, the document should be the minimum of 100kb of size.

Select the program you are inteterested in doing, course of interest, faculty of interest.

How Much Does United States Scholarship To Africa Entry Fee Payment

  1. The fee is just the sum of US$100 ( make sure you place your money in the currency conveter to know your country amount before making payment).
  2. Your payment should be paid through SemiCash.

If you are confuse on how to make the payment just click on this link to make see how You can also contact them on [email protected].  you will be sent notification of confirmation within 24hrs.

Upload a means of identification, this is the use of your passport of your personal face,make sure you don’t put in another person passport in the space given to you. The passport should be of 2×2 inches passport, make sure the passport is clear. Below you will find a captcha telling you to click on it to confirm you not a robot.

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sure you click on this to get to the next page. When you done with this click on procedd to payment. But before payment can be made make sure you top up your semicash account before any payment. To get this done click on this link


What You Need To Know For Selection About The United States Scholarship To Africa 2018/2019

  1. Make sure your passport is of high quality with good visibility.
  2. Make sure you submit all relevant information about yourslef so as to boost up your verification faster.
  3. Make sure you submit a single page of decsription about your background, which will give you reasons why you will be examined.
  4. Let me assure byou that you can only use two siitting of O/level results( this incase you don’t meet up with the necessary grade which you may have in the second sitting)
  5. If you are a graduate and have second-class lower divison please you don’t need to apply for this application.
  6. Make sure your registration is made on time. The form will be removed online when the closing date is been announced. They won’t be extension of this application after the closing date.

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 What You Need to Know United States Scholarship To Africa?

  1. All interested applicant must complete the application form on the website, also with the relevant requirements.
  2. be notified that all your document, certificates and results will be approved latest by 20th of december.
  3. if your document is been approved, you will be given notification when they are to enter by 30th of december.
  4. All result which had been selected will be published on their website before the end month of feburary, all applicant will be notified.
  5. Qualified applicant will be processing admission in the institutions which was selected for the program.
  6. You will be given notification if you are been qualified about your document and for your visa processing and travel guidelines.

About United States Scholarship To Africa Hostel Information

New student will be given special low rates to hostels in the first academic will be sent detailed information and travel guidelines will be sent to all qualified candidates.

United States Scholarship To Africa Closing Date

Their entry will be from 2018,which must be received from this time to novmeber30, 2018. The registartion and other relevant details and information will be shutdown after the entry of 5500th  or after november 30, 2018.

For More Information And Enquiries Kindly Visit Their

Official Web Site of United States Scholarship To Africa

International Notification Center

150 Varick Street, New York, U.S.A.

Email: [email protected]

Fax: +1-360-3631468

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