UOB One Card – UOB One Credit Card Benefits

UOB One card and its benefits will be discussed in this article. With UOB One card you can build up saving as a cardholder. Be that as it may, this card stands apart to be an ideal card for consumers who reliably spend at any rate $2,000 monthly.

The Card refund is astounding to such an extent that you can get simple cashback for daily spend as it stands apart to be the best ideal for a solid budget. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the UOB One card has so many benefits you will discover in this article. Before I begin in detail, you may want to read the previous article – CitiCards Login – CitiBank Credit Card Payment, Customer Service.

Besides, this Credit Card is given by the United Overseas Bank Ltd Co. in the interim the United Overseas Bank Ltd Co stands apart to be online banking.

UOB One Card – UOB One Credit Card Benefits

Notwithstanding, as a customer of this bank, you get to enjoy some banking features like individual banking, Wealth Banking, Privilege Banking, Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate, and Institutional Banking, Industry Insights, Private Banking, Credit Card, and significantly more. Notwithstanding, this United Overseas Bank Ltd Co has only two credit cards of this UOB one which are:

  1. UOB one Credit Card.
  2. UOB one Debit Card.

Be that as it may, as a UOB one Credit Cardholder, you get up to a 10% refund on Shopee Singapore, Dairy Farm Singapore, Grab, and much more. In any case, as a UOB one Debit Cardholder, you just get up to a 3% discount on Shoppe Singapore, Dairy Farm Singapore, and UOB one Grab in particular.

UOB one Card Benefits

With this Credit Card, you get to save and spend smartly. Meanwhile, you also have the chance to enjoy up to 3.88% p.a. Deposit Interest rate on your account as you spend with your UOB one Credit Card. Meanwhile, some other benefits that come with this Credit Card are:

As a cardholder, you will get discounts up to a 5% refund on any spend you make with your UOB one Credit Card throughout the day.

  • As a cardholder, you can go further on fewer petroleum savings which is up to 24%.
  • It has a travel protection inclusion of up to $500, 000 as you pay for your airfares
  • Earn $300 of cash for that quarter if you spend S$2, 000 monthly.

Lastly, you can reveal an automatic waiver of the annual fee waiver on the anniversary date with a minimum spend. Also, Diamond Electric store also gives cardholders special promotional savings on plans.

UOB One Card Application

However, you can’t simply apply for the UOB one Credit Card application as you need to be at any rate 21 years old. Then, as a foreigner, the base annual income needed for foreigners is $40, 000 or a fixed deposit guarantee of at any rate $10, 000. If you have these, at that point follow the means beneath:

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First, launch your device browser.

  1. Visit which is the application page.
  2. On the application page, you will be asked to enter details like your Full Name.
  3. Tick the box beneath if you a Singaporean or PR.
  4. Enter your Passport Number. In any case, for Malaysians, Enter NRIC instead of Passport Number.
  5. Enter your Passport Expiry Date, Passport Issuing Country.
  6. Enter your Email address and your mobile number.
  7. Then click on the blue “Continue” button below to continue with your Credit Card application. Also, you will be taken to another where you will be asked about your financial information and a lot more before the Credit Card review and submit your application.

UOB one Credit Card Account Login

Before you can exploit any of the benefits of this Credit Card that are listed over, the primary activity is to access your UOB one Credit Card account. Then to access your UOB one Credit Card account, follow the means beneath:

  1. Visit the UOB one Credit Card login page.
  2. Enter your username and password.

At last, click on the “Login” button underneath to access your Credit Card account. Be that as it may, you have day in and day out access to your account which basically implies you can access your online account whenever.

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