How To Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Pro Stylus

How To Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Pro Stylus To Android 9 Pie

Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Pro Stylus  – You can try to upgrade your infinix note 5 likewise note 5 pro stylus into android pie 9 maybe you are making use of this two device, you are part of this upgrading system.

This is the ninth major update also the 16th alternative of the android operating system. It was first reported by goggle in March also was brought out to public on august. Although, it was scheduled by goggle to setup the kite version, also the new edition of android pie this year. This two product are manufactured with android 8.1 Oreo, this new product will be updated as the next android version will everyday security patches. Through this article you can get how to upgrade your infinix note 5 and note 5 pro stylus to android 9.0.

Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Pro Stylus   – Steps To Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Stylus To Android 9 Pie

Ensure you go through this step carefully to make the upgrade done without any mistake

  1. Make sure you have a good percentage on your phone
  2. Try to keep your file by backing it up, so you won’t lose your files
  3. Make sure you get connected to a Wi-Fi or have enough data to download, so you have enough space so you can get the upgrade done fast.

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If you have done these steps mention above before, just follow the steps given above to get your update done maybe on your infinix note 5 or note 5 stylus.

What you need to do, switch on your home screen of your mobile device. Move down and check for your setting icon/app then tap it. This can also be done by dragging down the phone notification panel then click on the icon to open your setting menu.

Now, move down the find a bout phone option then tap it. Now these have been displayed, select the system update.

In this platform your infinx phone will seek for update through perfect internet which is connected to it. Now you are connected, you update will be display on your mobile device.

If you found out you mobile device is not requesting for update, there is a issue with goggle, your device is not yet ready for update.

Now you can download the update and also install. Your phone will need to restart immediately this process is accomplished.

Now your phone had restart, you now have the updated version of android pie. You will love to have this now your phone has been update. I will highlight tips you can do with this new upgrade.

Upgrade Infinix Note 5 And Note 5 Pro Stylus   | Advantages Of Updating Your Device To Android 9 Pie.

  1. You Can Save Your Battery

With this new upgrade this will help you protect your battery; this is when you choose the adaptive battery option. This enables your entire unused app to be in different background to keep your battery life long-lasting.

The process to keep your battery can be achieved by following this step: settings-battery-adaptive battery.

  1. You Can Setup Your Brightness Of Your Infinix Phone

Your phone brightness can be reduced automatically through this update, whenever your phone brightness is high, this will be down automatically. It will help you reduce the brightness when you watching movie, this can be found below your menu of settings.

  1. You Can Create Custom Characters Through App Actions.

This new updated app has app actions, stable shortcut that can decide your next action whenever when you using the app. Shortcut create can identify when you input your headphones. To check this action, go to your app drawer.

  1. You Can Take Quick Screenshots

This is also done through the old way; this is your down volume button with the similar way of your android 9 pie device. You can get the best screenshot in easy way by this update; just hold down your power button the tap on screenshot.

  1. You Can Navigate Your Phone Easily

You now have various swipes than your old versions. This can be done by moving down your home screen to check the apps which you just finished using. Editing can also be done through this step: settings-system-gestures.

  1. You Can Mute Your Reoccurring Notifications

This new upgrade can help you confirm when you lose your notifications through this same app, it can also help you decide if you want to switch off the notification or switch it on. If you want to re-open the app which you have switched off, follow this step to get it done: settings-tap app-notification. You can now know how many app which was delivered also will allows you to fight successfully with the pop-up on or off option.

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