USA Visa Types – Types of US Visa for Conference One Can Apply For!

USA Visa –  The Types of USA Visa for Conference You Can Apply For!

USA Visa Types – Types of US Visa for Conference One Can Apply For  –  Want to know the Types of US Visa for Conference?  The visa you can use for U S conference is the B-1 visa. This visa is for the non-immigrant who wishes to travel to the United States temporarily into some business activities like conference, business associates negotiation/meeting, participation, and also professional activities. This visa is not for permanent residency in the U S. This visa is not taking a lot of year it depends on the applicant entry which may be of months or year: it maybe single entry or multiple entry.

Just note that because it a business visa, you can never start up a business there or own a business in the United States. Such person cannot receive any money from a U.S source owing to work done.

Getting your business visa requires thorough processing for an error free application. This application may be approved at the stage of interview but it takes some days before the visa is approved. The B-1 visa declare the holder a Port of Entry in the United States and there and then, Custom and Border Protection officials will then give a identified stay duration indicating the date of entry and departure. Your date will be stamped on the l-94 form and this will be added together with your passport. You are to leave the country the date or before the date of your duration, this is necessary.

Although, some countries are selected for the visa waiver and citizens of such countries can move into the U.S without a visa. These citizens are given 90 days for the visit. These citizens are not required to apply for the business visa.


How To Apply For A USA Business Visa

Business visa or B-1 visa if you applying for business trip to United States, you have to schedule the trip 60 days before travelling. Either if the conference is for scientific purpose or a science conference, your travel application should be done 90 days before the travel schedule. Note that, travel should be plan in advance to avoid delay. Due to the duration of the stamped issued on your visa, holder of the stamped visa can enter U.S as many times as possible provided it is for a permanent stay.

If you have a business visa have a 5 years warranty, this doesn’t issue you that you can stay in the United States for 5 years. This is just letting you know you can stay in visit the state to and fro for just five (5) years, after this has been expired you can do a re-application. Sometimes you can be given both B1 visa and B2 visa, this is known as the joint visa.

With B1 visa, you can never take your relative along or family when travelling this visa is issued only for business not for cherishment and another occasion. If you wish your family and relative want to go with you to the United States, I will advise you to apply for the B2 visa; this will help everyone to go along with you, because the B2 visa is meant for tourist.

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How To Apply For The U S A Conference Visa

  1. You have to complete the online application for DS-160 form and print out the confirmation page (it will be used for your interview). Put in your correct details required.
  2. Make sure you upload a valid passport photograph. There is a passport meant to be uploaded online. Make sure you upload the passport you are asked to upload online, to avoid error.
  3. What you are required to do next, is to pay for your visa application fee.
  4. Now you have done that, make sure you schedule an interview.


USA Visa For Conference Preparing For Interview

  1. Make sure you are well prepared at the office, to make sure you confuse the consular officer that truly you are granted and qualified for the visa.
  2. Make sure you know all the details of the conference you are attending.
  3. Make you carry along all you necessary documents along with you.
  4. Dress in a way you are attending a meeting, never dress as if you are going on a normal party or occasion.
  5. Make sure your confirmation page and passport is with you as you entered the interview booth.
  6. May be asked to pay for the visa, if you have already paid for the visa, make sure you hold your receipt along with you for the interview, to avoid double payment.
  7. If you are confused on any information, make sure you inform the consular officer, so you won’t engage yourself into problem.
  8. Don’t tender all your documents, unless you are asked to do so by the consular officer.
  9. Don’t be too tense
  10. Smile like a man who is seeking for a lady in marriage when meet the consular officer at the interview booth.

When the consular officer speak to you in other language you don’t understand, make sure you don’t feel ashamed to call his attention back.

Note: make sure you listen carefully to the words spoken out by the consular officer, to avoid you from answering wrongly. If the officer acts rude to you, try to calm yourself. Just calm down, you don’t know what they are up to you, just act calmly. Even if your visa is been rejected don’t act nervous or weird to their reaction.


Types Of USA Visa For Conference Visa Interview

Sometimes the question for the interview is changeable. Maybe you application is either accepted or rejected. The officer love and cherish honest and straightforward person. What they need to know is when you are returning after the journey of your visit to the U S is been accomplished. They don’t love people staying illegally in their country. No one can enter the country without due process.

This should be notified that applicant below ages 14, 80 years, and above are generally not required for interviews. Persona of other ages is required to attend interviews at the U.S embassy of the country they reside.

You are to arrive at the embassy at least nothing less than 15 minutes before the appointment time. Your appointment can be cancelled due to your lateness by the consular officer. Make sure you do not carry suitcases, laptops, bags, and so on. Only the required documents should be put inside a transparent plastic folder.

If you are hiring an interviewer, please make sure no one even your business partner or family must answer the questions or interfere to the issue on ground, been asked by the officer.

When entering the embassy, you will be checked by the security. You will be asked to deposit your passport down in a window. Where you will also be given a token number, make sure you keep this with you. You will be offer where to seat, where you name and token number give to you will be called. Now you have to walk to interview booth. Your interview begins.

USA Visa For Conference Interview Outcome

This comes with either acceptance or rejection. if you identify your visa has been granted, make sure you check the information on the stamped visa for any error. Finding any error on your visa, please make sure you report to the visa officer which will be applicable.

Sorry for this: if your visa is not approved to feel muted or bad, you can get another visa, when there is life, there is also hope. Where there is mistake please check carefully and make proper correction where you found out about the mistake.


Frequent Complaints Of Visa Applicants

Most time, visa applicants complained that the consular officers do not check their documents or bother asking any questions and why their application is been rejected without been checked. Thinking it bad or not worthy of the visa. What we should be assured that those consular officers are perfect and expert; they know there job how is to be done. It just like your everyday hand which you use in eating, which it’s used to the exercise every day, how will you convince me about the consular officer that they are not doing their job in a perfect way.

Because of their expertness and well know job, they can really detect wrong document fast and accurate. So don’t get faulty when your documents is been rejected or is not been checked properly, because they know the right from bad.

Sometimes two applicants can apply or visa preparing to travel which one will be granted visa and the other will be rejected. You may be asked question which one of you want his visa to be granted. This must be sorted out between both applicants before getting to the interview. It wisely to be told than each are been granted visa, than saying both applicant visa are been denied.

Most Frequent Questions Asked During USA VISA Interview

Why will you wish to travel to the USA?

Full details of the reason(s) should be said truthfully which and why you are willing to travel. This officer can detect lies easily, because they are trained. I’m attending a conference.

Reason why you travel at this time?

Give a genuine reason

How will the staying take long in U S?

Tell the officer it just a week, because you have to be in U S before attending conference.

Place you will be staying in the US?

Tell them the address of the resident or hotel you are staying.

Who is sponsoring your travel and expenses?

Provide real proof, if is your family, proof correctly, if is yourself, proof correctly, if is any organization, proof correctly.

Can we get the contact details of your relative staying in the US?

Put down the number of your relatives in the U S.

Will you like take up job offers or engage in any business when you get to US?

This is unchangeable but at this stage be straightforward. Just kindly tell them NO. And claims that you do not intend to take job offers or start a business. You only travelling for conference period.

Just note that, US B-1 visa is easy to receive because it is solely for business purposes. If you have been struggling on getting this visa, I will advise you to keep on trying your luck towards getting the visa, God know best, yours will be easy and less stress, Good luck buddy.

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