USI-Tech is Real | Not A Ponzi – Profiting Company with Physical Office

USI-Tech is not a Ponzi scheme program like eat and run rather a Profiting ompany with Physical Offices around the globe including USA. Some folks will say it is only MLM that is why the noise.

However, I’ve been a part of other investment opportunities in the past, some more traditional than others. In the corporate world I earned through my 200$ (kinda).

In January of 2017, I was involved in a program that is peer to peer referral 2X4 Matric that I earned total of 1.2BTC because I was very active and convincing. That led to more members under me that make my Matrix chain completed.

Along the line, the money stopped coming because some under me could not refer more people to join the network and eventually others end up not making their initial investment capital. This scenario might have happened to moat of you reading this article now.

Bitcoin Earning Programs That Flumps

After the other programs, I joined another Bitcoin earning program that was into trading. I invested roughly $800 and basically, Bitcoin investment and earnings was auto-traded for me with special software. The software traded off the volatility of the crypto-market and paid me returns 5 days a week.

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The earning continue to extends that the company upgraded and most of us started losing our hard earned cryptos – bitcoin and eventually this continue then most investors left including me.

Not All Bitcoin Earning Programs are Like USI-Tech

There were a few problems with this club as mentioned above, though. The program changed how it operated and paid on a regular basis. The company went through an unreasonable amount of “growing pains”. Aside from that, the company holds almost 45% of my earnings for 3 of the 86-day cycles in the 12-month contract and they kept another 8% when I withdrew my earnings. Their “changes” and upgrades got so bad, that many people I knew who joined the program were actually losing Bitcoin. Fortunately though, for me, I was able to earn a profit through commissions I earned on the MLM side of the business.

USI-Tech Has Got it Together &Better

Even after my experience with the last Bitcoin trading program, I still believed in the power of earning real money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ethereum etc. So I researched other programs. That is when I stumbled onto USI-Tech Site, a company that has been around for 8 years. They are a software company that specializes in the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market.

The company’s experience and history gave me confidence in the company. Because of this, I joined USI-Tech’s Bitcoin earning program.

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Other Benefits

  • HDC – Hart David Carbon, LP U.S.A endorsed USI-Tech early September
  • Signed Four yeatrs Mining Contract with Mining Company called Bitfury
  • Have gotten Mining Equipment and will apply mining pools themselves which will be visible on the blockchain soon

Earn Exponentially in Bitcoin Value

USI-Tech is not just another MLM. Actually, you don’t have to be a networker at all to earn Bitcoin with the program. You simply invest your Bitcoin, and the company projects, and as I’ve personally experienced, you’ll earn around 1% a day on your Bitcoin until your investment reaches 140% (your investment plus 40%). Some days you may earn more than 1% and other days you may earn less than 1%.

You can also compound your daily earnings. This can be very profitable when you consider that as the USD value of Bitcoin increases, so will the value of your Bitcoin earnings from USI-Tech. For example, in January when Bitcoin was worth approximately $900 USD, if I earned 0.015 Bitcoin in my trade for the day, that would equal $13.50 USD.

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Today however, with Bitcoin’s USD value at around $6,400, that same 0.015 Bitcoin would be equal to almost $100 USD.

Simply Invest and Earn

In short, yes, USI-Tech’s Bitcoin earning program does have an MLM component that is very profitable (read more about it here). However, you don’t have to do any network marketing to earn with USI-Tech.

Ready to join? Get started here.

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