Home Crypto Investment USI Tech – Make Over 99btc with 1000$ Proof Attached

USI Tech – Make Over 99btc with 1000$ Proof Attached

USI Tech – Make Over 99btc with 1000$ Proof Attached

USI Tech is the ongoing paying Bitcoin Trading Company where you confidently put any bitcoin you can afford and sit back for 140days for your bitcoin to yield daily income for you.

The USI Tech is not a Ponzi scheme; it is bitcoin trading investment platform where you don’t have to be panic of any hit and run Ponzi rather a smile to home investment.USI Tech – Make Over 99btc with 1000$ Proof Attached


The uniqueness of this investment that makes its differ from other trading companies is that; there is what we called the ‘USI Tech bitcoin package’ i.e all clients can invest with bitcoin as they withdraw daily to their wallet, usi tech compensation plan, and usi tech forex


USI Tech owners are: Oao Severino, Horst Jicha and Ralf Gold with very universal benefitial interest to all their clients/customer/investors

Facts About USI Tech Trading

Here are some cool facts about the online company like USI Tech; because the investment gives returns/profits in bitcoin!!! So you profit also from the bitcoin rise in value.

The following are those facts that you must know before joining which others don’t have at all.

  • This company has over 140,000 members.
  • There are averaging over 2000 new members per day.
  • USI tech are operating in 60 countries. (Physical Offices)
  • They have created 12 MILLIONAIRES to date. (You are about to be part of the millionares)
  • USI tech has created 12 MILLIONAIRES to date.
  • Not one single account has LOST money, including their FOREX TRADING SOFTWARE.
  • USI has sold over $320 million in BTC packages.
  • USI Tech SHOWED everyone that they are FULLY

Having mentioned above facts, the original business model saw the company charge affiliates €600 EUR for access to an automated forex trading platform. (This was cancelled; everyone can invest now)

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USI-Tech Compensation Plan

Some clients or investors find it difficult to share their experience with friends and families, because they want to be earning and benefiting alone form this paying site.

Therefore, the company pays what we called ‘compensation plan’. You get paid for telling friends and colleagues instead of the company to be paying for adverts. The compensation plan is to leg 3 of the chain. See how?

  1. level 1 – 10%
  2. levels 2 to 8 – 3%
  3. levels 9 to 12 – 1%

So, any amount your new friend invests, you get paid for doing so.


USI Tech Daily Investment Income on BITCOIN

The USI-tech bitcoin packages were introduced in March at the earliest, I believe…

USI tech daily income varies depending on the total daily returns in trading…

The packages yield approximately 1% bitcoin daily, not 140% all at once after 140 days. The returns range from 0.75% – 1.25% and are therefore not fixed.

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The actual daily returns are much less than 1% (over the whole amount), due to package rebuys being necessary to keep yourself growing.


How To SignUp USI – TECH

USI tech signup is easy. As a result of this review, we urge you our readers to use our link here  so that we also can be paid as the case maybe. Use this USI Tech Signup LINK here to have you be part of our millionaire’s team.

WHATSAPP TEAM = https://chat.whatsapp.com/7DVuAC6cwu6EQiOqdz9N7V


 USI Payment Proof

The above team has been earning and we felt the public should share from this daily income.  So see below image for proof of payment from USI – tech company.USI Tech – Make Over 99btc with 1000$ Proof Attached


are you waiting for?

Join and smile daily….




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