Vault Apps | About Vault application and How To Use it

Vault App | About Vault application and How To Use it

Vault Apps (also known as ghost photo, photo vault app or decoy) is a app that allows people to hide files like videos, pictures and sometimes texts and calls. When files are hidden in a vault application, you will have to put a secret code so that when you want to access your files you will have to enter the secret code before you can access your hidden files.

Some people do hide activities such as sexting from their parents or friends with the vault app. Some vault apps can take videos and photos with the screen off and no shutter sound. Some vault apps also sound an alarm or take picture of the person trying to break into the vault.

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Parents should make sure their children does not make use of this app, because they can use it to carry out nasty attitudes like sharing nude pictures or taking photos and videos of others without them knowing.

To know if your child is using a vault application, here is how to find out. But keep it in mind that they may use vault application for innocent reason.

Examples of Vault Applications

Vault Applications make themselves look like normal apps, frequently as a calculator, that will make someone who does not know about vault apps to bypass it and think it is a regular app.

You will know some by this names; Calculator Vault – Gallery Lock, Smart Hide Calculator, Calculator Vault for Photo.

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Calendars also is one of the favorite disguise, there are also more vault apps like Secret Safe Lock Vault Manager, KeepSafe or AppLock. All these apps require a passcode to access the contents in them. Some vault apps hides who a person is calling or texting, some of them are CoverMe and Private SMS & Call.

How o find Vault Apps on iPhones

To find vault applications on iPhone on you want to know if your child have a vault app n his or her iPhone, go to the App Store and search for keywords like decoy, vault, ghost photo and secret or hidden folders, if your child has downloaded one of this app, it will show Open next to it instead of download. You can also check out the apps they have downloaded by going to the App Store and click on Updates > Purchased.

You can also try another way by going to Settings > Privacy > Camera where you can see which apps have used the camera. Also Read: Amazon Locker App | What is Amazon Locker & How it Works?

How to find Vault Apps on Androids

To find vault apps on Android, search the Google Play Store by using the keywords mentioned earlier, if your child has downloaded one of those apps, it will show “Open” or “Update” next to it. If your child does not have the app, it will show install or a price (if it’s not for free).

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