Verve PrePaid Card | How to Apply for the Verve PrePaid Card


Verve PrePaid Card | How to Apply for the Verve PrePaid Card  –  A prepaid card is an ATM card that is not linked to any bank account. It can be funded through a regular bank account through online transfer. Verve offers a prepaid debit card that works on any ATM machine that a VERVE card works. In this post, you will learn how to get the Verve Prepaid Card.

Verve is a company owned by Interswitch; also owners of Quickteller. As Interswitch put it, the verve card is accepted in ATM machines all over Nigeria and in over 180 185 countries around the world.

One of the Amazing features of the verve card is that you can customize it with your own picture. You could also choose from a list of templates if you want. When the card has been created, it will be delivered to the customer anywhere in Nigeria.

How to Apply for the Verve Prepaid Card

If you read to this point then you are interested in getting this prepaid card. Well, the process is not cumbersome as you may think. Follow the process below to apply for your own Verve prepaid card;

Visit this link. From the options, click choose a card design or Upload your picture.

If you clicked “choose a card design”, a list of already made designs are shown to you to choose from. Pick any design you like and click on next button. Fill in the form properly and click the next button to make payment.

The card with already made designs cost 1500 naira.

If you clicked on “Upload your picture”; a new page will load with a space to upload a picture and fill the form. Choose a nice picture from your device and upload. Fill the form properly and click the next button.

The customized card will cost you 2000 Naira.

The card will be produced and sent to you anywhere in Nigeria.

Once the card is received, you can set the pin and load funds into it.

How to Load Money into the Verve Card

In this part, you will learn how to load money into the verve prepaid card using Quickteller.

Login to your Quickteller account and visit the verve prepaid loading payment gateway. Enter the card number without spaces, type the amount to load the card with.

On the next page that loads, enter your debit card number; the normal debit cards linked to your bank accounts. Fill in all the necessary details including your one time pin sent to your device.

If payment is made successful, your verve prepaid debit card will be credited immediately. You can use this card to buy things from Nigerian shopping websites and withdraw from ATM machines across the globe.


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