Visa Type Apply – Procedure On How To Apply

Types Of Us Visa Which You Can Apply & Procedure On How To Apply For Them

Visa Type – How To Apply | If you wish in visiting the United State, you must acquire the need of a visa before the visiting of the country. This country is one of the powerful countries, which gives lot of benefit and opportunities to the citizen in all over the country. If you are thinking of the way to travel to the United States they will be a visa in which you are to apply for, there is a particular visa you are to apply, that why am writing this post in highlighting you on the visa you are to apply.

You can enter the United State without using any visa, it part of the visa waiver program, citizen who are qualified in their countries are eligible for this opportunities, if you are not qualified for this, you will need to apply for visa, there are types of visa in which you can apply for.

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Visa doesn’t guarantee you approval entry into United States, it just to let you know that you apply for a visa which indicates a US, U S consular officer has determined you can apply for the entry to the states for a particular reasons.

Visas Types Which You Can Apply & Procedures Below

They are visas which you can apply for and they are two major visas which you can apply.

Non – immigrant Visas

This visa is just for students, business people, tourist, or workers who have special work over there and which to stay for a particular period of time in the United States for a particular reason.

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According to the United States law, all non-immigrant into the state for all-purpose mention above will make sure they abides to the rules and regulation given to them by the consular officer and also will depart from the state after their temporary stays.

How To Apply For The Visa Type

You can apply for non-immigrant visa in Nigeria, it easy to get at the embassy in Abuja and the U. S consulates general in Lagos.

Types Of Non-Immigrants Visa

Here are the types of non-immigrants visa we have and which you can enroll.


This visa is just for your business trip and temporary stay for period of time.


This visa is for those who are working in the U S primarily, for some purpose.


It’s for students who are studying in U S.


This for business people who came to the U S for exchange program, the U S loves foreigner who are into it. Before their approval, they need to be accepted by an unauthorized sponsor, when it has been accepted; the applicant will receive information from the program or institution the necessary approval of document to be submitted when applying for visa.


Citizen of a foreign country at a particular instant or been transfer from one place to another through United States from a journey requires a valid transit visa.


Applicant who are following an employer into United States are eligible for B1 visa, these are categories for domestic employee which are not limited to: cooks, blusters, chauffeurs, nanny, housemaid, valets, gardeners, paid companion, etc.


This visa is for those who are a representing for news or other program in another foreign which is important.

Immigrant Visa Type

Visa which can be approved will be for if you have a qualified member in the United States or you are given a petition approval through an organization which is acquiring you as a citizenship.

To Apply For Immigrant Visa Type

  1. All visas begin with you having a qualified member staying abroad or you are given an honorable approval, organization approval, where you will be acquired as a citizen.
  2. If you have member working at the United States, he/she can also help you file up a petition for immigrant stay in the United States. Who wish to hire you for a job and also want you to stay permanently, in Nigeria, US embassy in Abuja does not process immigrant visa application. They apply for this at the U S consulate in Lagos

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Need to forward any complain or issue, you can email and also chat them up at the us consulate general Lagos at [email protected]

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