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VoguePay.com – Secure Payment Processor

VoguePay.com - Secure Payment Processor
VoguePay.com - Secure Payment Processor

VoguePay.com – Secure Payment Processor  –  Do you have an online business where you need to collect payments from customers online? The VoguePay payment processor is what you need. VoguePay is an online payment processor that enables businesses to receive payment from customers online. It enables debit cards payment on websites too.

This service is good for small business owners that cannot afford to integrate the Interswitch/Quickteller payment gateway on their website. VoguePay is an option you should try.

The company began operations in 2011. Since its beginning, it has served thousands of businesses in 4 continents.

Features of VoguePay.com

Accept Payment without a website

Unlike many other payment processors, customers can accept payment without a website; Vogue Pay accepts payment via email or SMS.

Receive International Payment

Its customers can also receive payment from international customers. The payments are not only limited to local customers alone.

Easy Withdrawals

When customers make payment, the monies come into the merchants Voguepay account. The merchant can withdraw money to a local bank account. The funds will be received funds within 24-48 hours.

Supports multiple platforms

Vogue-pay also works on WordPress and other platforms. It works on Drupal, Joomla, and other web platforms.

Ticket Sales and Bookings

Are you worried about how ticketing will be handled during your events? You don’t need to worry. Vogue pay can handle it for you and everything is sorted properly. The receipts generated can be verified by using the web view version.

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Send Money Worldwide

This feature allows its users send money worldwide. The funds can be transferred to Voguepay users and non-users anywhere in the world.

Affiliate Program

There is an affiliate program for people who want to make extra money with Voguepay. The company pays 10% for every member referred. For the full features of Voguepay, check out this link.

For the full features of Voguepay, check out this link.

Register on Voguepay, fill out the information correctly and confirm your email address.

After creating your account, you should take the following actions immediately;

  • Add your Bank Account – This is where Voguepay will send your funds to.
  • Upgrade your account to a business member – Applicable for business owners.

How to Add your Bank Account on VoguePay

  • Log in to your accounts and click on “Add bank accounts for Withdrawal”.
  • Click on add new account.
  • Enter a short name for the new account. This will differentiate the account from your other accounts in the system. For example, “Access Bank Current Account”
  • Enter your Account name. The account name must be the same with the name on the vogue pay account.
  • Enter your 10 digit NUBAN account number and submit.

Whenever you want to withdraw from your Voguepay account, select the account number you want to transfer the money to.

How to Upgrade a Personal Account to Business Account

First of all; if you are a business person, this step is important for you. Here is why;

When customers are making payments to personal account owners, the First and last names of the owner will show as the business owner. A business account will show the name of the business. The latter builds trust amongst customers. You get, right?

Follow the steps below to Upgrade from a personal account to a Business account;

  • Log in to your VoguePay account.
  • Under the Menu Tab, click on Verification.
  • Select the desired verification method.

There are two types of verification method here; verifying using Business Registration Certificate or verifying using identity card.

Verifying via business registration certificate

In this part, you need to submit a utility bill, business registration certificate, and an Identity card. You will pay an upgrade fee of 1500 Naira to complete your upgrade.

via Government means of identification

This is for people that have not registered their business name. All that is needed here is a utility bill of three months and below and a valid identity card.

Contact support at support@voguepay.com to upgrade your account.

How to Withdraw money from VoguePay to Bank Account

When customers send you money, it is available in your Vogue pay account. You could use this money to purchase other services or goods online or withdraw the money to your Bank account.

Note that; before you can withdraw money from Voguepay to your local account, you must add your Nigerian Bank account. We have explained how to do this above.

Funds can be withdrawn by following the process below;

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Basic Menus”.
  • Select “Withdraw funds” to Bank.
  • Click make a withdrawal request.
  • Enter the amount to be withdrawn, select bank account and insert your password.
  • The amount you want to withdraw will be deducted from your wallet and transferred into your local bank account.

Note that, withdrawal requests are handled immediately. Although, it may take up to 48 hours in a worst case scenario.

Do you use VoguePay to power your business? Tell us what you think about their service.



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