Wakanda Assurance Login | Make Money Reading Post & Commenting

Wakanda Assurance Login | Each comment you get N4, sharing post N100 | Referrer You Get More – Just Register here

Wakanda Assurance Login | Wakanda Assurance has been launched; those have exiting Wakanda Nation can now upgrade to Wakanda Assurance and make more money while commenting and sharing post via social media.

Wakanda Assurance Package is another level of membership on Wakanda Nation specially designed with VIP features and enhanced earnings meant specifically to reward members for their efforts in moving the platform forward. The activity earnings of the Assurance members are classically enhanced to make them earn more

Please note that Wakanda Nation is not a scam, become a member now and make more while commenting and sharing post. Register by clicking HERE 

How Wakanda Assurance Package works

  • N4 for comments
  • N100 for sharing sponsored posts
  • N50 for daily Login

comments+login+sponsored posts.  N4 for comments x50 posts equals N2000 daily from comments. Thus, 200+50+100=N350 daily. Now, N350x 60days = 21,000.

  1. You will earn N1500 for each of your OLD down-lines if you upgrade before them. This is why we recommend that you upgrade instantly if you wish to earn Wakanda Assurance bonus from all your old down-lines.
  2. Referral is not compulsory on this package but you can truly make much money with referrals here
  3. The upgrade fee for this package is N2, 500 only. You can upgrade with coupon or online payment. The upgrade button is beside the affiliate area button on the homepage header.
  4. Wakanda new Package is a subscription-based Membership with duration of 2 months and subject to renewal. This means that your membership of this package will always last for 2 months after which the system will automatically reduce your membership to ordinary affiliate

Referral Bonus for Wakanda Assurance Package

N1000 ordinary affiliate bonus: When you refer anyone to Wakanda nation and the person upgrades to affiliate membership, you will earn this bonus.

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N1, 500 Assurance Bonus: You get this bonus from each of your affiliate downlines who upgrades to Wakanda Assurance Package! You will always get this bonus once in every 2 months. So, assume you have 100 downlines, this means you will be receiving N1500x100 = N150,000 every 2 months as long as you remain a member of Wakanda Assurance!

How you can register and upgrade to Wakanda Assurance Package

  • Register first via OUR LINK HERE ASAP Complete all required and Make Payment ASAP
  • Login to your dashboard on wakanda nation with your username and password
  • On the dashboard, click on upgrade if you only make payment and yet to upgraded
  • It will take you to a new tab where you will be ask to either use a coupon code to upgrade or pay online using paystack (a simple online payment transaction method)
  • Either one you choose, after payment or the input of the coupon code, click on upgrade and click checkout
  • A simple form will appear for you to fill
  • Fill your username
  • Email address and repeat the email address for confirmation
  • And click pay online or pay using coupon.

Note: Paying directly online is the best. Paying through coupon delay your earning.

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