Ways to Block Websites on Chrome for iOS


Ways to Block Websites on Chrome for iOS

Ways to Block Websites on Chrome for iOS – One of the best alternatives for Safari is chrome for iOS on iPhone and iPad. It is now time for you to prevent unwanted websites from your device so that they will not mess up things on your device so that you personal data will be secured.

There are ways in which you can block websites on chrome for iOS

Block Websites on Chrome for iOS (Block Specific URLs)

The built-in restrictions of iOS have serve as useful means to block websites not on Safari alone but on third-party browsers like Google Chrome. Content restrictions are now part of Screen Time starting from iOS 12. Please you have to know that when you want to block a website, Apple’s adult-related content list is automatically enforced. When this is done, the restrictions are all applied to all browsers that are installed on your device.

Follow the below steps to enable this:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Click the option labeled Screen Time and the click on Content & Privacy Restrictions. If you have a restriction passcode already, you will have to enter it before you proceed. You may which to set one up by just clicking the Use Screen Time Passcode option so that the restrictions are not modified without our permission later
  3. Click on the option labeled Content Restrictions. If you did not see this option, turn the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrict6ions on to get it to show up
  4. Click on the labeled Web Content option
  5. Click on the Limit Adult Websites option. Two new options will be showed up on the lower half of the screen which will indicate “Always Allow and Never Allow”
  6. Click on Add Website under Never Allow then add the URL of the website in the field next to URL. After you have done that, click on “Done” on the onscreen keyboard. Do the repetition of the process to add any other websites that you may wish to block
  7. Open Chrome and try to visit the blocked site.

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Note that, if you want to lift off restriction on an automatically blocked website, use “Add Website” option under Always Allow to unblock the website.

There is an alternative way to block websites by using the Allow Websites Only option which ois on the same screen that is on step 6. When you select that, it allows access a small amount of safe kid-friendly websites and blocks the rest. You can also add new sites to a whitelist, which will make things even better since you don’t have to worry about failing to block trickery sites that you don’t want your kids to check.


Screen Time and Remote Management

The introduction of Screen Time by iOS 12’s presents incredible opportunity to monitor Chrome usage, but the statistics are far less useful when compared to Safari. Click on the name of the device located at the top of the Screen Time panel and you should see a detailed breakdown of activities. To see how much Chrome was used, click on it under the section labeled “Most Used”.

On the consequent screen, there will be a combined amount of usage time for any given week as well as usage time per day. A stylish dotted line on the graph that is provided which shows the average amount of time that the browser was appropriate for surfing. This feature is useful when it comes to blocking some additional tome-consuming websites, if you are browsing them on Chrome more than you should.

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