WAZOBIA-NG – A New 150% Ponzi Scheme

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WAZOBIA-NG – A New 150% Ponzi Scheme

WAZOBIA-NG – A New 150% Ponzi Scheme  –  WAZOBIA-NG is the revolutionized peer-to-peer community with the simple aim of creating a platform for mutual contribution towards growth, that will be sustainable and effective. WAZOBIA-NG was built by improving on the strengths and weaknesses of other platforms, and from the complaints and recommendations of the peopl.

How to Register WAZOBIA-NG Ponzi Scheme

Please register with a correct phone number in order to receive confirmation cod.



WAZOBIA-NG - A New 100% Ponzi Scheme

 How Does Wazobia-ng – A New 150% Ponzi Scheme Works?

  • You select a package and you get matched to provide help to a fellow member
  • You get activated and matched to receive help of 150% of what you provided
  • You are automatically put back into the system to contribute and earn more

More Details and Summary About WazobiaNg

Wazobia-ng team are a tenacious team of admins, committed to delivering distinctive services to our members, building on our legacy of innovation and partnership to create, preserve and transfer wealth across generations in Nigeria.
We adhere to the highest ethical standard, fairness, tranparency and mutual respect in all we do.
Ours is a creative team of admins determined to generate new services and processes that lead to new dimensions of performance and value creation for all our members.
We collaborate with all our members by effectively interacting and proactively building effective and value adding relationships to achieve our shared goals.

WAZOBIA-NG is the revolutionized peer-to-peer community with the simple aim of creating a platform for mutual contribution. A SYSTEM YOU CAN COUNT ON

Our system filters out scammers and robots by requiring each user to verify his/her phone number

Controlled rate
Our system ensures that the rate of matching people is within a sustainable limit, not too fast or slow

Our system gives users 4 hours to pay with extend time option, and displays block button after 4 hours elapses

Our system has been built with top secuity features and SSL protecting our users and our database, built to last

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