Weather Underground | Long Range Weather Forcast Report

Weather Underground | Long Range Weather Forcast Report

Weather Underground | Long Range Weather Forcast Report – Weather underground is an application designed to forecast weather condition. It is one of the best weather website application for mobile devices. Weather underground as 33,000 personal weather stations. This app provides you information on weather as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the things weather underground App provides.

  • It provides your current location
  • The current temperature
  • High and low temperatures
  • Location of the nearest reporting weather
  • Weather condition
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • The precipitation
  • It as well provides you a rader map in the map main screen

Weather data are collected from various sources around countries. After the data have been collected, the app selects the one closer to you. If you prefer a weather station, you can easily tap on the blue text under the current location. Weather underground has lot of features like the radar ma, the sunrise and also the sunset, moon formation and also the textual extended forecast. You can easily rearrange this features as you like. You can also access the local weather radio, hurricane maps and he ski reports. READ MORE; iPhone and Group Apps | How to Create Folder on iPhone and Group Apps

When you tap on the magnify glass, it will pull you favourite location and it allows you search for new ones.

There is a platform named THE WUNDERMAP

In this section, it the central feature as it is linked in the three least places. It shows the map radar, as well as the IR satellite, the wind, the weather fronts on the google map and the temperature.

The Wundermap is a bit overwhelming as it can be referred to as the handy tool. It is highly appreciated by amateur astronomers, the pilots and also the weather nerds. Read More;


For those of us that have GOOGLE PLAYSTORE on our mobile device;

  • Go to your google playstore
  • On the search section, type the name of the app (weather underground)
  • Google will provide you the app
  • Click on the download link and google automatically installs the app after download
  • After downloading the app, launch the app and get started
  • For those of us that do not have google playstore installed on your mobile device;
  • Go to
  • Google will direct you on how you can download the app

This is an amazing app that forecast the weather for you.  This app is designed to let you know everything about the weather before going out.

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