Website Building | 4 Key Elements That Your Website Must Have for Adsense

Website Building | 4 Key Elements That Your Website Must Have for Adsense

Website Building – Attracting a customer through your website is quite tough and can bring out a lot of difference in your sales. In today’s trend, people surf their internet for every basic need. Having a good online visibility can help a person to reach to you easily.

Besides the attractive designs, many other elements are important to build a good website. The world of internet is growing by each passing day hence; it’s increasing your competition.Website Building | 4 Key Elements That Your Website Must Have for Adsense


It is very important to stay updated according to the changing market trends to generate more revenue. Building a user-friendly website is a key to success. Everyone wants to explore a website that is catchy and engaging. You can also build a great website by adding some simple elements to it.


This will not only engage the customers but also helps you to get some potential clients. Here are some of the important tips that can make your website more engaging for a customer and adsense approved.

4 Key Elements That Your Website Must Have for Adsense

The following are the Four (4) elements that every website should have for adsense approved and clients base for great revenue:

These are as follows:

  • • Powerful Homepage
  • • Good and Genuine contents
  • • Be Organize
  • • Website Speed

Let us pick these element one by one for better understanding.
Powerful Homepage – The homepage of your website is the first thing that a person views. It is very important to have an impactful homepage that gives a strong description of your products and services.


Having too many contents and unnecessary images can divert your potential customers that can create a loss for you. It is recommended to have a decent and a powerful homepage that displays a simple message.

Be Organized – Having an organized website that provides enough information to the customers can be beneficial for your business. People will love to explore your website if they are getting good details and information about the product.

You can attract more customers by providing them the complete details about your products and services.

Good Content – Having a good content and genuine is very important. Always remember that the content of your website must be engaging and does not contain any unnecessary stuff.

An informative content always encourages a person to explore your website and can help you to get some potential customers.

Website Speed – It is important for your website building to have a quick loading time. A person gets irritated if he sees a loading error for a long time.

This can discourage their visit and can benefit your competitors. Always ensure to build a website that is easy to load, this helps you to engage and gain more customers.

These elements are very important to build a good website. Reaching a customer attention is not an easy task but if you have a good website then it can be the easiest way to gain new customers.

A website building should contain an engaging content and must be user-friendly. By following these points, you are able to build a good website that increases your sales.

Having done the above 4 elements successfully, individual can apply for adense

Adsense Application Process

The goodnews is that; individual can apply for for google adsense after given the above 4 key elements consideration.


apply for adsense, follow the below steps

  • Visit the adsense page here =
  • Click on signup button
  • Use desire Gmail address that haven been used before to signup
  • Supply the website you want the adsense to appear on
  • Fill in the address where the Google Adsense PIN will be mail to
  • Give your phone number as well and;
  • Click on submit


Note: the Google application process takes like 5 – 15days. During this wait period, continue to write articles for your readers with keywords and at the end, your Google adsense will be approved

After approved, make sure you did not click on the google advert placement to avoid ‘’invalid clicks’’ and place the ads codes at the side bar for google adsense earnings to boost.

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