Weebly Website makes users build a free and convenient website without stress. Weebly is a website builder that one can quickly use to set up a website without the need of a web developer. in this article; we will explain how to create weebly website asap

  • Go to
  • Click on sign up (if not a member)
  • Fill in the necessary information (name, email, password)
  • Decide on the focus of your site (website, blog of store)
  • Choose a suitable theme (you can change it anytime without losing anything)
  • Choose a Domain for your website: if you want a free domain you can use the sub domain of weebly which will make your website end with “”. If you want to use your own unique domain, you have 3 options:
  1. You can get one through weebly- it is free for one year with a paid plan and the next it will be $20/year.
  2. Buy one through a third party provider and connect it
  • Connect the one you already own (it is a bit complicated) but many domain providers can do it for you if you let them know. If you want to try it yourself, keep it in mind that you will have to purchase weebly website premium plan.
  • Build and design your website: once you have chosen your domain you will be taken to weebly website builder where you will build and design your website.

Below are some of the tools you will use to build your website on weebly

  1. By using the Element bar: element bar consist of all the components you will use to build your website. To add an element to a page you can use the simple Drag and Drop tool by dragging it and dropping it where you want it to be.
  2. Site Tabs: this is located along the top of the page. The tabs include Build, Theme, Store, Pages, Settings, Apps.
  • Site Preview: The blue box is located around the site preview area which shows the actual elements on your site. This middle area of the builder is basically an editable preview of what your site will look like.
  1. Adding and editing pages: to add, edit or delete your page settings, just tap on the pages tab (located at the top of your website builder screen). When you start, you will have a few active pages. To add a page, click on the white + sign beside the top left of the page, If you want to edit or delete an existing page, click on the small folder icon next to the page title.
  2. Adding, Changing or Editing text: To add or change text on weebly website builder just click on the text box. To edit a text inside button, it is a bit complicated. You have to click on the button, and then a window will pop=up then click on the button text tab.
  3. Adding, Changing or Editing image: To add a image you can just drag and drop the image from the weebly website builder element tab to the page then click on upload image then it appears. To change or edit a image just click on the image and then the options to either “Edit Background” or “Replace Header Layout” will be displayed.

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Note that the first page you have on top is your homepage.

  • Explore Additional Elements & Options: The weebly website builder gives you a lot of different element options.  Things you can do with the “Explore Additional Elements & Options”

You can:

  1. Add maps to any page
  2. Change your theme at any time
  • Set up a contact form
  1. Add dividers or spacing
  2. Add a variety of media, including Videos and Audio files
  3. Add a survey
  • Add Social Media Icon and Links and lots more…..
  • Publish your Website: once you are done with creating your website and it feels good to you. To publish your website and make it go live, simply click on the orange “PUBLISH” button at the top right hand of your editor.

To publish your Weebly website, simply click on the orange “PUBLISH” button at the top right hand of your editor.

Remember, you can make changes to it at any time simply by going into the Weebly website builder, so it is not like you have it absolutely perfect before you go live.

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