What Can I Do If My Mailpiece Has not Been Delivered? – How Do I Access Tracking Information?


What is USPS Tracking®?

USPS Tracking® is a service that provides end-to-end item tracking and is available for most domestic mail products that are large enough and that are addressed to domestic locations, including to limited Army Post Offices (APOs), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), on Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO) destinations and to ZIP Codes in U.S. territories and possessions or Freely Associated States.

You can be entering your tracking number associated with a mailpiece into the USPS Tracking page will give you the current status of an item along with other tracking information. The information includes if available, delivery / attempted delivery information, including date and time of delivery as well as the delivery location of the items (mailbox, reception desk, neighbor).

USPS Tracking does not expedite or guarantee delivery. There is no additional cost for the tracking mechanism on products that automatically includes USPS Tracking. Basically, if you pay for any that product’s postage, and tracking is included unless you are shipping USPS Marketing Mail ® parcels. Adding USPS Tracking to the commercial mailing service requires paying any fee.

  • What about International shipping products?
    For you to ship with Tracking is included with many – but not all – international products; however, destination restrictions can apply. If you learn more about tracking options for international products, you can visit the International Mail & Shipping page.


  • What about First-Class Mail® letters?
    While end tracking is not available for First-Class Mail letters, you can purchase an Extra Service and get tracking information. Learn more about First-Class Mail options here.


What Can I Do If My Mailpiece Has not Been Delivered?

You need to bee first, please check the delivery standard for the mail class of your domestic item. For you to find out the mail class by entering the USPS® Tracking number and looking up Product Information. Then compare your mail class and progress to what is found in your Mail Delivery Standards chart located on Delayed mail and packages.  The delivery is the standard chart indicates when the item should be delivered by and when we suggest you could email or call Customer Service regarding your item. you can also if your item has a status of Alert, a delay could have occurred because of weather-related and other natural disasters or events. please you need to check USPS Service Alerts first.


How Do I Access Tracking Information?

For you to have access to tracking and delivery information available is based on the class of mail or add-on services you can purchase at the time of mailing. if you are the sender or recipient, you have to track your item:

  • By Online: You can use USPS Tracking® on the United States Postal Service® website.
  • By Text: Send a text to this number 28777 (2USPS) with your tracking number as the content of the message. Standard message and data rates may apply. See Text Tracking FAQs for more information.
  • By Smartphone: you can Download the USPS Mobile® app for iPhone® and on your Android™ Mobile Phone.

Download Tracking on your iPhone® 

Download Tracking on your Android™ 

  • By phones:
    1. To obtain your tracking information, you can connect to your customers’ cere you can go to Contact USPS for the phone number and hours of operation.
    2. For a telecommunications device for the Deaf/Teletypewriter (TDD/TTY), call 1-800-877-8339.
    3. Listen to automated information in 24 hours/seven days per week.


Expected Delivery Window

When checking the status of your item, you may see a message about the Expected Delivery Window Exude. The window is a 2-hour slot of time when you can expect your package to arrive. Delivery within the time is not guaranteed, however, you may still receive your item by the end of the day, if it does not arrive within the expected time slot. Check USPS Tracking® for updated information.

How Toes The USPS Tracking® Work?

Tracking with USPS.Com

The label of your tractable item is scanned several times throughout the mainstream, whether we possess it or one of our shipping partners does. Tracking can start as soon as the items are sent or our shipping partner notifies dem electronically that we should expect a package. An continues with (USPS) accepting the package for transit and ends when the item is delivered or picked up by the recipient and the recipient’s agent. Throughout this process, you can access it tracking information in a variety of ways through the (USPS) Tracking number associated with the items.


When is tracking information available?

when you are scanning information is updated throughout the day as scans become available.

How does this tracking information mean?

Tracking information to get a better idea of what a specific status is and what it means for you, check the Scan Event status page.

How Does A USPS Tracking® label look like?

USPS Tracking Retail Label
Your tracking number is the series of numbers under the barcode.


How Can I Add Tracking To My Item?

At the Post Office™: Once you have pay postage on your qualifying shipping product at the Post Office retail counter, USPS Tracking® is automatically activated. Use your tracking number on your mailing receipt to have access to the delivery information. See “How do I access tracking information?”

Online: Create a USPS online account to print USPS Tracking® labels, purchase working mailing/shipping services, buy stamps. There is tracking label prints both the label affixed to the product and a receipt with the tracking number. Access your USPS account anytime to retrieve tracking information or the status of your item.

Don’t forget that when you pair a USPS Tracking® product with a compatible Extra Service, you can receive proof of delivery, such as a signature. You can see the Domestic Extra Services and International Extra Services from details.

Whichever option you choose — at the Post Office retail counter or online at USPS — you’ll have access to the same USPS Tracking® information. Just put it in your mind to hold on to your retail receiving! The Postal Service cannot track or locate some items without the tracking number.

How Can I Receive Automatic Notifications?

Yes, you will, of you to receive notifications. When you have an item’s tracking number, enter it at the USPS Tracking® website. It is available, Text & Email Updates” to expand that section and follow to the way. And also, the USPS Text Tracking™ FAQs has detailed directions on requesting notifications by sending a text message to 28777 (2USPS).

By your Email and text update requests for action for a period of 2 weeks following the request. After that time, the request will be closed. Once the items are delivered, you won’t receive further notifications on your Email.

If you are not receiving any notification on your emails or texts.

You may not bee receive any Tests/Updates or status on your email address if there are no new shipment updates or the email address entered was incorrect. For you to be certain that you are experiencing an issue, visit the USPS Tracking page and enter your tracking number. All the event information is available, then there would be no messages for USPS to send. If there is an event or notification information and you haven’t received it, then try submitting another notification request.

If you requested email notifications and are having problems, also try looking in your spam/junk mail file. If enabled, the junk mail should be checked to make sure emails from the Postal Service are allowed.

How Do I Use USPS Tracking®?

Once you enter your tracking number of an item(s) into the USPS Tracking® website, you can review the latest status of those items. Depending on your status, origin, and destination, and the class and services of the items, you may be able to take several different actions if available. You can find the item’s on tracking history and see what kind of services and features are associated with it. You can request emails and/or text messages about your item or a Proof of Delivery email. You can as we; leave instructions for the carrier on where to leave your mailpiece if no one is available to accept it.

How Long can Records Keep For Tracking?

The records of mail classes and services, counting access to package history and Proof of Delivery when available, are stored in the system for the life of the Computing data.


Mail Class and ServicesRecord Storage
USPS Tracking® Service120 days
Signature Confirmation™ Service1 year
Registered Mail™ Service2 years
Certified Mail™ Service2 years
Numbered International Mail Services2 years
Priority Mail Express® Service2 years
Adult Signature Required/Adult Signature Restricted Delivery Mail Services2 years

If my Item as Received, but not scanned as delivered?

The absence of a delivery scan on a mailpiece does not necessarily indicate that the item was not delivered. It is possible the piece was delivered but the scan was not captured. If you think this has happened, you may wish to contact the sender or recipient to confirm the delivery of the item.

If there are no delivery scans in our system, and you know the package was delivered, the sender can request a refund for the USPS Tracking® fee (but not the postage). This applies only to USPS Marketing Mail® parcels.

What can I do if my mailpiece hasn’t been delivered?

First, please check the delivery standard for the mail class of your domestic item. You can find the mail class by entering the USPS® Tracking number and looking up “Product Information.”. Then compare your mail class and progress to what is found in the Mail Delivery Standards chart below.

Delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the mailpiece is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what class of mail is being used and how long ago it was mailed. The following chart outlines the delivery standards for various mail classes and indicates how long you should wait before you contact customer assistance with a concern.

First-Class Mail®1-3 business days (not guaranteed)5or more days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail®1, 2, or 3business days (not guaranteed)5or more days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail Express®1-2 calendar days (guaranteed)Guaranteed Delivery Date/Time Missed
USPS Retail Ground®2-8 business days* (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing
Media Mail®2-8 business days* (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing
Bound Printed Matter2-8 business days* (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing
Parcel Select® parcels2-9 business days* (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing
Parcel Select Lightweight® parcels2-9 business days* (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing
USPS Marketing Mail®3-10business days (not guaranteed)14or more days from the date of mailing


Where Is The Tracking Number on USPS Receipt

The USPS tracking number is assigned at more time when the order is accepted. The tracking number is known as Article Number, and it comes with almost all the mail classes, and if it doesn’t, then you can now add it by asking the Postal Service.

If you feel like you don’t have any idea that what your tracking number looks like, then see the table above.

The Package Shipped By USPS Shows No Tracking Information

It’s normal for packages shipped through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) it has little or a piece of tracking information accessible. USPS does not provide any tracking for most services but instead provides conveyance confirmation.

With the delivery confirmation, your package is usually only scanned when it arrives at your local post office and delivery. There is no pickup scan or other information that confirms your package was forward.

The until your package arrives and is scanned at your post office you will see a message like the one below.

The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on September 18, 2020, to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS and the actual mailing date.

How Do I Find My Tracking Number?

You can find your tracking number can be found in the following places:

  • Your Post Office™ shipping receipt
  • You’re sales receipt if you bought insurance at the Post Office™
  • Your email confirmation if you shipped from USPS.com
  • On your shipping confirmation email, you received from an online retailer
  • There is a bottom peel-off portion of your USPS Tracking® label

Note That: The tracking number from the mailing label or receipt (recipient). If you have received notified by a shipper that they have sent out a package and believe it has been delayed and possibly lost contact the mailer/shipper of the item and request them to track the items and provide you with the tracking number.

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USPS Global Express Guaranteed


The USPS Global Express Guaranteed is the fastest international service. Delivery is typically within one/three business days, depending on the destination. Items sent with Global Express Guaranteed are delivered in partnership with FedEx Express. Rates start at $51.50, and prices depend on the size of the item and the destination. Global Express Guaranteed includes its free package pickup where available. The service includes USPS Tracking and $100 insurance cover, although additional cover may be purchased.


What is Priority Mail Genetics Service

Priority Mail Genetics Service is a premium service available for customers of USPS. In this service, the package is delivered at a very fast rate as compared to any other service. If you are in a hurry and want the package to be delivered at a very fast rate, then you can rely on this service.

Priority Mail Service is available 7 days a week including Saturdays. Apart from this, you can be amazed to know that USPS is the only carrier that provides overnight delivery services. fair in case the US Postal Service fails or was deliver your package on time, they will refund you the entire hard cash.

USPS Business Solutions

The USPS Business Solutions

provides a range of services to businesses, including cost-effective shipping services and bespoke business solutions. The business may purchase mail products including stamps and shipping services with free USPS Tracking at discounted rates from USPS.com. Where available free package pickup and Saturday delivery in addition to free shipping supplies delivered directly to businesses. The USPS also offers Direct Mail services, which are targeted and customized to individual businesses.

It the most domestic and international services are available at discounted prices for businesses. USPS provides three levels of service for businesses. A Negotiated Service Agreement offers at the highest levels of discounts and is designed for companies that ship more than $1 million each every year. The agreement creates tailored rates and services based on individual needs and requirements. Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing are available to high volume senders of lightweight packages. Commerce Base Pricing offers businesses basic discounts without a qualifying volume amount. Businesses simply register with the USPS. Commerce Plus Pricing is designed for shippers who send up to 5,000 First Class parcels and up to 50,000 Priority parcels each year. These senders qualify for discounted prices above Commerce Base Pricing.

USPS Parcel Select Ground

What is USPS Parcel Select Ground? It’s an economy ground delivery service, offering cost-effective delivery for medium and large packages traveling within the US.

Popular with eBay sellers and businesses for its competitive pricing, USPS Parcel Select can help you ship multiple parcels across the US States or send a single package to a neighboring state.

USPS Parcel Select Ground tracking

You have full entrance to USPS Parcel Select tracking via our USPS tracking tool.

USPS Parcel Select delivery time

The estimated delivery time for Parcel Select Art is 2 to 8 business days. Parcel Select deliveries are made Monday to Friday forom7. 00 am to 5.00 pm.

How does USPS Premium Tracking Work?

The Premium Tracking enables you to extend your access to the tracking history for your package on USPS.com. Currently, access to tracking Computing for non-signature items is limited to 120 days. Tracking Computing for signature items is reachable for 2 years. Finance Tracking provides options to extend access to the tracking history for anywhere from an additional 6 months up to 10 years for a small fee. With your USPS Premium Tracking, in addition to keeping your tracking records online for up to 10 years, you can also request a Premium Tracking Statement via the email address at any time during that period.

USPS Contact Information

The United States (U.S.) Postal Service headquarters is located at 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC, 20260 – 0004, United StatesU.S…

To find a local USPS location, visit www.usps.com/locator.