Wix Free is a e-commerce website and also a cloud based web development platform and the best in the world. It is a website that allows users to create HTML5 websites and Mobile sites through the use of drag and drop tool. Users may add functionality such as social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their web sites using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications. Earning its revenues through premium upgrades, wix is built on a freemium business model.

Users must purchase the premium packages so as to connect their sites to their own domains, add e-commerce capabilities, remove wixapp ads, or buy extra data storage and bandwidth. Apart from its headquarter in Israel (where it is developed) wixapp also has locations in some popular countries like Brazil, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany and the United States.

With wixapp you can build a gorgeous website packed with interactive features which will make your visitors keep coming for more.

AppWix also has a online shopping store which is known as wix online store with amazing templates for businesses especially small business wix is the best option for you, it is easy to use extensive an d interface features. Wix’s Online Store Templates consist of a pretty good range of seller’s type, and more are added every month. Some of the amazing available templates are……

  • Camera sellers
  • Kids’ clothing stores
  • T-Shirt Stores
  • Bicycle shops
  • Modern art posters and lots more.

Please know that payment cannot be accept on wixapp unless you upgrade to the Wixapp ecommerce plan or the higher VIP plan. One downside of Wix‘s template is that you can’t switch your site between them.


One of wix’s main selling point is that it is easy to access, the powerful drag and drop editors enable you Put websites together regardless of you tech background, it does not require any knowledge of HTML or Coding, it also let you place product galleries, contact forms, menus and other content wherever and whenever you want.

Wix store is like many app in one due to its effective ecommerce platform. Below are some things it let you do….

  • Create product galleries to showcase your stock
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Get optimized mobile app
  • Create discount codes
  • Get auto-calculated tax and shipping
  • Get an optimized mobile store
  • Get access to 12 online payment processors including Stripe, Paypal and Square
  • Ensure top-level security with SSL encryption
  • Send automatic email notification to your customers
  • Create newsletters
  • Keep all profits (Wix charges NO transaction fees)


If you need an advanced sales feature or marketing tool and you can’t find it in the Wix Stores App, then you’ll find it in the Wix App Market. Wix App Market is packed with advanced tools which makes your site more powerful.

In Wix App Market you’ll find tools to……

  • Integrate more powerful ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Ecwid
  • Integrate your existing eBay, Amazon or Etsy store
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Set up a Facebook store and manage it through your Wix account
  • Use live chat to get to know your customers
  • Add dozens more payment gateways
  • Create competitions to reward your customers
  • Automate business tasks like invoicing and accounting
  • Create discount codes, vouchers, QR codes and gift cards
  • Offer comparison charts, currency converters and menus
  • Sell digital music downloads with the WIX Music App….

And lots more…

Some apps are free on wix while others need WIX eCommerce or VIP plan. Some are made by Wix while others are made by third-party developers.

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