WordPress Ping List – will Help You Index BlogPosts

WordPress Ping List – will Help You Index BlogPosts

WordPress ping list – This is a list of servers that WordPress notifies whenever you publish or modify a post on your blog. The WordPress content management system (CMS) will automatically ping popular ping servers when you publish a new post, with this, your blog gets indexed quickly by search engines. Also Read Analytics & Feedback All-in-one

Note: By default, WordPress comes with only one preset ping server.

You can add more servers to the default WordPress ping list to increase how quick search engines index your blog post.

How to add or update WordPress Ping List:

  • What you have to is ”Login to your WordPress sites dashboard.”
  • Go to settings of your Dashboard at the left-hand side tab and click on writing as seen below:====WordPress Ping List
  • Scroll down and you will see update Services, paste the WordPress ping list that is on this post.WordPress Ping List

Here is a list of WordPress pings we have compiled over time. You can also view the list in Doc format here.

Some of the wordpress ping list are below:

Scrow to the last page of the writing you did in Step 2 & click on save changes at the when you are done. Also Read How to Install Hotjar on Your Website

This is a list of working WordPress ping list for 2016.

Updating your wordpress ping services is one of the many SEO techniques you should take on your blog. Subscribe to my mail list to get future posts We will be writing about SEO & other WordPress tips OR visit Our Forum Here.

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