www.brisin.ng – The New BRISIN Recruitment Registration portal

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www.brisin.ng – The New BRISIN Recruitment Registration portal FG Redirects BRISIN Applicants to brisin.ng

www.brisin.ng is the new BRISIN Recruitment registration portal for Federal Government URL redirection for the ongoing BRISIN applicants. There are people and applicants having issues in completing their BRISIN recruitment process and a result of BRISIN new redirection url website www.brisin.ng.

However, the issue has become known that BRISIN job recruitment portal is becoming difficult to access. Applicants find it difficult to login and complete their online registration. Well the good news is, the Federal Government has redirected all applicants to a new BRISIN recruitment registration portal.

The New BRISIN Recruitment Registration portal FG Redirects BRISIN Applicants to brisin.ng

The Head of BRISIN, in person of Dr Anthony Uwa told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday at Abuja that following the difficulty applicants are facing and encountering using the previous BRISIN recruitment portal that it had become unnecessary and a new portal is assigned.


He also said that the difficulties were as a result of some technical issues which it has been handled and will be resolved soon as a matter of urgency.

He advised all applicants who have started their BRISIN online recruitment registration process on the previous BRISIN portal to calm down as provision will be made for them to complete their BRISIN recruitment application process immediately the new portal is completed and alive.

BRISIN (www.brisin.ng) – The New Registration Portal Created by the Federal Government to redirect applicants for Registration Process.

 The new website for Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) registration will from now on be www.brisin.ng.

He urged applicants that rather than using the previous www.brisin.gov.ng used for the exercise should disease and start to begin to use www.brisin.ng – New BRISIN Website.


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“Please be informed that the brisin recruitment registration which before now has been on www.brisin.gov.ng is being re-channeled to www.brisin.ng – New BRISIN Website which is the BRISIN Employment Data Base portal.

“The reason is that BRISIN is building the first comprehensive data base to include both employed and unemployed with job identifications and verifications.

“The www.brisin.gov.ng will continue its role on information to public on the importance and benefit of BRISIN to Nigeria and its citizens.

“We apologize for the inconveniences this delay could have caused applicants,” Uwa said.


Truly, as affirmed, BRISIN is an integrated system for the collection, storage and distribution of information to support the management of the economy.

www.brisin.ng – The New BRISIN Recruitment Registration portal FG Redirects BRISIN Applicants to brisin.ng

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