Xender app | File Transfer & Share Download

Xender app reveiw | File Transfer & Share Download.

Xender is an application that helps you share information off your mobile device. It could be a mobile device to a pc, or a mobile device to another mobile device. Be it ios or android they can talk to each other, and transfer data. Also it actually gives you the ability of sharing more than just data the official url is www.xender.com gives you the ability to download xender app for any platform be it ios or android.Xender app | File Transfer & Share Download

First thing you need to do is to download and install the application called Xender on both mobile device. installing Xender on both device gives you the ability of communicating between both devices.

One thing I want you to be aware of is that xender make use of wifi base protocol one will create an hotspot while the other one will connect to it. It has list functionalities and categories like app, Camera, Gallery, files and record that shows you what you have done in the past. you can actually select what you need to share to.

If you goto more at the left hand side you have the ability of see other options like phone Replication, it has the ability of duplicating phones and set it up so that you can save from an old phone to a new phone. You can also duplicate data and it is really good specially if you are switching from one device to the other.

Also Xender  has the ability of sending information to a pc, it also has the ability to connect to an iphone.

statistics gives you a quick access to what you have done, how fast you have sent it, how much information you’ve sent.

The last but not the list is settings, if you click at settings you will see.

  • Storage location
  • Clear Records
  • Shake to send
  • Send with Sound
  • Share mobile Data

basically allow you to share data between it and the rest. But bear it in mind that only the host can share. To start server you click on the home button which says Connect phone. “One says create and one says join” you click on create group on the first device and you wait for a seconds. (Samsung is waiting for friend to join group) and you click on join on the other device and your phones will be connected  within a second.

Once both of the phones are connected you have the name of the two phones below. Now you are ready to send and receive data/information from the other device.  Once you have send an application to a device you will see the application appearing on your records, It is very fast and easy to use.