Xender Web | Transfer Files From Phone to PC With Speed

Xender Web | Transfer Files From Phone to PC With Speed

Xender Web – Xender is a mobile app that gives users a chance to transfer files over wifi. It is a fast and proficient file transfer app for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Xender web is a feature that enables users to connect their Xender app to a PC consequently.

Xender web connects to your PC by means of internet connection. You could transfer documents, apps, music, videos, and images from your smartphone to your personal computer. The Xender web feature can likewise be utilized to play media files, view images on a smartphone without sending them to the PC.

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Despite the fact that, Xender connects to different smartphones by means of wifi; the Xender web feature works with your internet connection.

If it’s not too much trouble take note that your mobile data may be influenced while utilizing this feature.

How to connect Xender to PC Through Xender Web Features

To appreciate and also enjoy the Xender web feature, you should download Xender on your smartphone. I assumed you by now have the Xender file transfer app installed?

  • Click or open the Xender app.
  • Tap on the round button that has profile picture at the top-left corner of the app.
  • Then select connect to PC. After you have successfully connected to PC;
  • Then type and visit on the browser of your PC.
  • Finally, click on ‘’the scan button’’ & scan the barcode on your PC.

Instantly, Xender connects to your PC and you can transfer files at the same time.

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From your PC, you would now be able to access every one of the files on your smartphone and send them to your PC in the event that you need to.

To explore the Xender web platform, tap on the appropriate tabs at the left-hand menu-bar.

How to Transfer from PC to Phone Using Xender Web App additionally enables users to transfer files from their PC to their smartphone. Transfer speed is faster than Bluetooth. Pursue the means beneath to transfer files from computer to phone through Xender web.

  • Kindly Connect to Xender web using the procedure in the first previous heading above.
  • At the left-hand tab, do click on files (you will see the last option). See Appluver image below.
  • Then click on “Upload”.
  • However, kindly locate and then select the file you want to upload from the system.
  • Finally, the file will be transferred successfully from your PC to smartphone instantly.

You could download the Android apps on your Android gadget by means of Xender web and utilize the app on your PC with help of the NOX Player android emulator Software.

Xender Web | Transfer Files From Phone to PC With Speed
Xender Application | Transfer Files From Phone to PC With Speed

Aside from simply transferring files from smartphone to PC or the other way around, I connect my smartphone to PC through Xender and also attempted to deal with my files and folder. I can erase a file, move files and rename folder appropriate from my PC.

Have you utilized the Xender web feature before? Reveal to us by commenting below on how you feel about it.

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