Yabatech Documents Arrangement |ND1&HND1 Part Time

Yabatech: Order of Arrangement of Documents for ND1 & HND1 Part Time Freshers to their School Officers.

Yabatech Documents arrangement for new part time students.Fresh ND1 Part Time and HND1 Part Time Students are expected to collect an Office file from their School Officers and arrange these documents in this order then resubmit it to their school officers. This should be done after payment of school fees.

Yabatech Documents Arrangement |ND1&HND1 Part Time


1. Course Registration Form
2. Biodata Form
3. College Admission Letter
4. Letter of Acceptance
5. Student Receipt
6. Acceptance Receipt
7. Payment Advice Slip
8. Student Pre-Registration Attestation Form
9. O’Level Result (Two Copies)
10. Testimonial
11. Two Reference Letters
12. Birth Certificate / Sworn Affidavit of Age
13. Medical Certificate
14. Ten Passport Photographs
15. One Full Photograph of Oneself
16. One Full Photograph of Parent / Guardian

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    1. Yes brother. But the information is here just to prepare them before then because i discovered most of newly admitted candidates always find it difficult to arrange their documents.
      Please kindly share..

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