Yahoo Contact |how to create on Android Phone

Yahoo Contact |how to create it on Android Phone.

The first thing you need to do to add your Yahoo contact to your Android phone. Is that you need to set up a gmail account. If you don’t have one you can visit to create a gmail account its free.

with your gmail account you can have access to you android market called Google play store. So if you have a gmail account or you have just created one, login with your gmail account so that you can access your Google market.Yahoo Contact |how to create

How to export contact from Yahoomail account 

1. login your yahoo account either with an android device or a pc with any browser visit the url to login to your yahoomail account.

2. after you have logged into your yahoo account go to contact click on the contact icon to view your contact list.

3. click on the select all button if you want to export all your contact or if you just want some specific ones, you just have to select them.

4. click on action and then click the export all button and its going to ask you what format you want to export your contact as.

5. select the CSV format and click export now.

6. Now that you have export your contact from yahoo mail the next step is the gmail sign in.

How to import contact to your gmail account

1. login to your gmail account with your default browser.

2. after you have login your gmail account, on the left side of your account where you see gmail click on gmail.

3. Go to contact under more click on import.

4. Look for the yahoo CSV file and click open and then click import and wait for temple to contact.

If you have any problem in loading the CSV file or the file is not showing up, then you try using the Microsoft outlook format as a post to the CSV file, the CSV file should work most time but if it doesn’t try the outlook file.

How to Import Yahoomail Contact to Android Device

Once you have done that import, and you want to merge some contact you can do that so long the gmail account you put the contact into is the same with the account you set up on your phone. Then wait for a few minute it will automatically sink and all your yahoo contact will show up on your android device.

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