YouTube Channel | How To Create A YouTube Channel

This post will be helpful to all that needed to know how to create a YouTube channel. We recently wrote on YouTube and its features. You can also read that up here… You must have a little ideal on what channel is all about. As will all know YouTube as a video sharing platform. YouTube supports sharing of videos with your friends, family and even the world at large. You can also enjoy countless numbers videos you love and music.

YouTube Channel | How To Create A YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel | How To Create A YouTube Channel



YouTube Channel


One thing I love about this platform is that user who has a YouTube channel can upload original content and share with the world via your YouTube channel. This is a Google owned platform for video sharing that is open to every individual who has a Gmail Account.


Basic Features of YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is designed to display the videos you have uploaded and give room for people to like the videos, comment on it, create a playlist and even subscribe to your YouTube channel and vice versa. However owning a Google account doesn’t guarantee your presence on YouTube.


It only gives you access to your YouTube account because it is owned by Google so all account are merged into one. But to get people to watch your videos, comment on them, subscribe or make a playlist on it you must create a YouTube channel. Your channel aids your personal presence on YouTube.  You can make use of your computer or a mobile phone to create a YouTube Channel if you don’t have one.


Most users create video tutorials to help other users learn by watching the video. You can also upload funny video or other entertaining content but always make sure your videos are unique and didn’t contain copyrighted materials. Users can also create YouTube channel for an entrepreneur, for your business and even for monetary purpose.


 How To Create A YouTube Channel



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