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Zenith Bank Mobile App – Zenith bank Plc. is one other the Nigeria best Financial Institutes. Zenith Bank plc. happens to be the one among the top five Commercial Banks in Nigeria which has about millions of customers after GTBank PLC.

It is a public company that the CEO happens to be Peter Amangbo and founder Jim Ovia.


It was founded on May 1990 and the institution is served in some countries in the world to mention are Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Benin Republic & United Kingdom. In this post we will be focusing on the following:

In this post we will be focusing on the following:

  • The Zenith Bank Plc. Mobile Banking App
  • Zenith Bank Internet Banking Process
  • Opening of an Account Online on Zenith Bank ( for people living oversees )
  • How to open Zenith Bank Saving Account
  • Open Zenith Bank Current Account etc.

Zenith bank Mobile Banking App

The Bank institute has its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria with more than five hundred (500) branches across the Nation Nigeria.

This institute has ways in which her customers can bank easily without hustle, which was why the bank introduced Zenith bank mobile App.

The Zenith bank mobile app as different benefits attached to it. Such benefit are 24/7 fund transfer, real-time transaction process, real-time account balance at a go etc.

The Zenith bank mobile app allow customers to perform transaction at their own convenient like buying of recharge cards, payment of bills e.g Dstv bill, Gotv bills, PHCN Ikeja electricity bill etc without the stress of going to the bank .

How to Download Zenith Bank Mobile App

You more and plenty reasons why you should download zenith bank mobile app. What require to have zenith bank mobile is app is: must have Android phone, IPhones users with both old and new IOS, java phone users and Symbian phone users also can use it.

With the benefits mentioned above, the zenith bank mobile app could be downloaded following the process spit-out below:

  • For iPhone’s Users, visit App world on your phone
  • Android users can click the LINK HERE to download automatically
  • Type ‘Zenith bank app or Zenith Bank Mobile App’ as search
  • Hit OK or enter key
  • Click on download or Purchase (It’s a free app and the Card to your iPhone won’t be debited )

Note: To get Zenith bank user id, first visit Zenith bank branch to fill the mobile app form or download the form here and submit to the bank or sent an email You will get reply within 24-48hrs.

ZenithBank Mobile App – Steps on How to Register & To Create Pin

After successful zenith bank mobile app download and the filling of zenith bank internet banking user id and password, you will be ask to create pin on your first mobile app use.

The will you will use consecutively for any transaction on the mobile app, be it transfer or bill payment.

In other words, you can either register as a non-internet banking user or as an internet banking user. Registering as a non-internet banking user, you will need your mobile number to setup for alerts on the account that is registered so as to receive an SMS pin but registering as an internet banking user, you will need your hardware token which provides your internet banking pin and OTP as explained above.

For Internet Banking Users:

  • Enter your account number
  • Agree with terms and conditions, then send
  • Then create a password (must be 6 digits & must be numbers)
  • Create a mobile pin (must be numbers and be of 4 digits)
  • There, you will have to enter your pin


Anytime you wanna login to your account on the Zenith bank mobile app, the password you created will be used as password and the Pin will be used to confirm any transfer or payments and transactions that will be perform consecutively on the zenith bank mobile App.


How To Perform Zenith Bank Internet banking Process

As we said earlier that zenith ban plc have an easy process for customers to carryout online transaction at comfort of their home, anywhere in the world without visiting the bank.

To perform zenith bank internet banking, you need the bank internet user id and password to do that. If you have not gotten yours; ‘’DOWNLOAD THE INTERNET BANKING APPLICATION FORM’’ HERE.

Fill the form appropriately and send email it to

Now that you have the bank internet banking user id and password, proceed below on how to login with the credentials.

  • Visit zenith bank page
  • Immediately, click on ‘’ internet baking’’ link is in red at left top side
  • There are two drop down links, Personal account and Cooperate account
  • For personal account go here while for Cooperate account here
  • Account number is USER NAME and created random 4 digits Pin + Token code is password for personal while Cooperate account has USER NAME, PIN AND TOKEN Separately.

How To Request for Zenith Bank Hard Token

Hard token from zenith bank is use to login to internet banking and to complete any transaction on the internet banking platform. To get you own hard token from zenith bank, you have to request for it.

DOWNLOAD THE HARD TOKEN APLICATION FORM online, fill and submit to any branch you wish to collect it or fill it and email to if you live abroad. It will be DHL to you and the delivery charge will be deducted from your account.

How to Open an Account Online on Zenith Bank

In case you do not have Zenith bank account or you are yet to be an account holder. Users can open any account online, either savings account or current account or salary account or domiciliary account.

To be an account holder is easy and simple.

Steps on How to Open an Account Online on Zenith Bank

  • Visit the link
  • Click on the LINK ‘OPEN AN ACCOUNT’.
  • When clicked, a drop down will come up with different OPTIONS (Current Account, Savings Account, Salary Account, and Domiciliary Account)
  • Choose from the options, the type of account you want to open
  • TWO Options will open again, Choose Open Account Online.
  • Then choose from the Drop down Options; Instant account, other account and existing Customer as seen in the image below:Zenith bank Online Registration | Zenith Bank Mobile App

Do all the needful and an online account is opened for you!

  • But for new customers, a form to fill will comes up.
  • Fill the form by entering your country, account type, title, your name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc.
  • Then Scroll down and click on the submit icon.

When the form has been filled successfully, since is an online account opening, email zenith direct and you will be ask to send all necessary documents to them before your account is activated.

But if you have an existing account and need additional account, all you have to do is just:

  • Click on existing customer.
  • Enter your account number and your pin.
  • Click on the icon ‘validate’.

How To Transfer Money  without internet for Zenith Bank Users

Transfer fund with internet service is possible with ‘’Zenith bank transfer code’’.

With zenith bank transfer code, you can perform different types of transactions on the registered mobile number that is linked to your zenith bank account.

To transfer money on the registered phone number, Dial 966AmountAccount Number follow by# (example – *9661000*20184784000#).

How to Update BVN on Zenith Bank Account

There are 5 ways you can use to update your BVN on your Bank account. Follow the ways below to do that quickly:

  • Dial *966*BVN# on the registered Number
  • You can as well log on to Zenith bank internet platform and click on update BVN
  • Call Zenith bank customer care Centre on: +23412781740, +23412782273
  • And lastly visit


Zenith Bank Eazy Money Payment Solution

Eazy Money is Zenith Bank payment solution that allows customers to make deposits, withdraw, pay bills etc from their mobile wallet with a use of mobile phones.

If you already have  Bank Mobile Apps working, you can switch to eazy money immediately you opened the Mobile App before login as seen below:Zenith bank Online Registration | Zenith Bank Mobile App

The Zenith Bank Eazy mobile wallet is just a bank account that is created for those that are interested in using it.

The Eazy Money uses users’ mobile number to serve as the account number, whereby cash withdrawals and cash deposit can be done from the phone number through a bank branch or an agent across the nation.

The following are the other features that Bank Eazy Money has:


  1.     Money transfer could be made from one m-wallet to another m-wallet
  2.     You can transfer Money the main account to m-wallet
  3.     Withdrawals can be made from the m-wallet through a bank branch and;
  4.     You can use the m-wallet to buy airtime, Check balance and;
  5.     Pay utility bills etc.


To enjoy this service, switch to Zenith bank Eazy Money today!

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